The Beauty of Winter 2024

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Discovering Woodlawn’s Arboretum in the winter can be a thing of beauty. Many of the 138 species are without leafy cover, revealing a whole new side of themselves. Their branches, once hidden, now take center stage, creating intricate patterns against the winter sky. The seed pods on several trees, such as the tulip trees, provide food for winter finches. Cones on hemlock trees can attract birds such as the white wing crossbills, if we are lucky. The evergreens are the standout of color and provide great winter interest during snowfall, as well as shelter for wildlife. 

This winter, our grounds crew has been busy pruning trees, removing dead branches and bringing up the tree canopy in several sections. It is also the time where removal of dead trees happens. 

Caring for over 2,000 trees in our Arboretum, many of which are over 100 years old, is a responsibility we take on with much pride and dedication. Your donation to help us keep Woodlawn

growing would be greatly appreciated. 

Mark your calendar for the first of our trees of Woodlawn series on Tuesday, April 23.

Tree Brochure 

Lake Crossing Completed 

The project to replace the culvert under the main crossing over the stream was completed in November, right on schedule. The new road crossing is now wider, with cut-out sections for stream observations. It was a much-needed project, and adds to our overall infrastructure plan for the Cemetery.

This phase became a reality thanks to funding from the Ohio EPA and the City of Toledo. It’s the first tangible step towards the lakes project and a big win that we were able to replace this aging structure with support from such great partners!

March 1st Clean up Begins

The winter’s blankets of snow, dotted with your decorations, made for a beautiful, serene setting at the Cemetery. Now, it’s time to start preparing for the blooms of spring. The grounds crew will begin to remove winter decorations throughout the Cemetery starting March 1.  

History, Trees, and Birds

Weekly Facebook Posts 

Do you follow us on Facebook? Check us out! Our weekly posts tell some of the wonderful stories behind the tombstones, as well as the diverse trees found throughout our Arboretum, the birds they support and updates on our progress.

  • History Profiles highlights the ways individuals who contributed to the initial growth of our area and the ways their legacy lives on, posted each Wednesday.
  • Tuesday Trees, will feature one of the 138 species found in our level II arboretum, facts, ID features, and benefits to wildlife, and us as well.
  • Birds of Woodlawn, is the list of birds that are documented each week at the Friday bird program.
  • Progress at Woodlawn, posts accomplishments we are making to keep Woodlawn beauty and growing.

We invite you to follow us on Facebook and discover the many stories found throughout Woodlawn.  

Bird List 

A Great Time to Bird 

Winter is an excellent time to begin your bird watching hobby. There are fewer species to learn about and the bare tree branches make them easier to spot. Getting to know our resident birds gives you an excellent baseline for when spring migration starts and gives you some practice with your binoculars. This may seem like an easy skill to acquire, but birds are usually in constant motion and can be small dots on a large tree!

For the past 10 years, birders of all skill levels have documented 213 species during our weekly birding programs. Woodlawn Arboretum’s diverse tree canopy, shrubs and stream provide the food, and shelter our resident and migrating birds need. Come along and learn which species you see in these different habitats. You’ll also meet some wonderful people who will support you along your bird-watching journey.

Another wonderful tool is our weekly updates on eBird, an online database of bird observations providing scientists, researchers, and amateur naturalists with real-time data about bird distribution and abundance. eBird, by Cornell University, is among the world’s largest biodiversity-related science projects. Link below.

Come join us on Fridays from 9:00 am – 10:30 am, no registration needed. Meet us just past the main gates off W. Central Ave. 


2024 Programs

We have another season planned of programs highlighting the Nature, Art, and History of Woodlawn. Our history docents highlight the stories behind the stones. Our tree and bird experts engage you in the unique diversity of species found throughout the Arboretum.

Calendar of Events 

See you at the Cemetery soon.

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