FEBRUARY 12, 2018
URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Day 12 Letter to the Nevada Board of Ag - Fighting the RFP to illegally "Transfer Ownership" of our Beloved Virginia Range Wild Ones!!!
Hidden Valley Wild Horse Image

Thank you for hanging in there! If you missed any days, you can go back and send them now, no harm done!

DAY #12! Woohoo! Today we ask you to FAX a letter to the Board as a whole. 

Today we want to inundate their fax machine! The fax is FREE and can be done right from your computer! 
Or if you have access to a fax machine, print a letter and fax it yourself - even better!
Or stop into Foothill Feed & Mercantile at 1330 Geiger Grade, just past the traffic circle to sign a letter that will be faxed for you free!

We’ve given you an intro - use your own words to fill in the body of the email. You can keep it short and to the point, in fact that’s best.
BUT PLEASE LET THEM KNOW THAT *YOU* want them to reverse their decision. TELL THEM!

(And for the next campaign, we'll go back to the Governor to let him know we are not going away and we expect him to take action to stop this!)

Here are the talking points again:

  • as community and business members, we want to see the horses remain on the range under humane management and oppose any decision that could put them at risk
  • the decision as it stands violates Nevada Revised Statutes, per NRS: Chapter 569
  • the transfer would be cost prohibitive to taxpayers to implement under NRS: Chapter 569 if implemented as the law requires
  • the Virginia Range wild horses are a draw for tourism dollars for our surrounding cities and towns, and a draw for incoming businesses
  • it would be impossible for a non-profit organization to secure liability insurance to cover these horses who roam primarily privately owned tracts of land

Instructions for using faxzero.com:

1) Open faxzero.com in another tab. 

2) Fill in your information as the Sender (name, email, phone). Fill in Nevada Board of Agriculture at fax #775-353-3661 as the Receiver Information.

3) Copy and paste the letter outline below into the box for text. You do not have to attach a separate document. Type your personal comments into the body of the letter where it says {add your own comments here}. Tell them what the Virginia Range horses mean to you, and pick any or all talking points from the list above to expand on in your own words.

Make sure you sign (type) YOUR name & address below “Sincerely,” at the bottom of the letter. This lets them know you are a human, not a robot or computer.

4) Type in the provided confirmation code.

5) Click "Send free fax now".

6) CHECK YOUR EMAIL and click the confirmation link for your fax to be sent.

DONE for Day #12! THANK YOU!

As an alternative, you may also copy and print the letter out and send from your own fax machine if you have access.
IF YOU CAN DO NEITHER OF THESE, please send the letter as another email to a.bartosz@agri.nv.gov

February 12, 2018

Nevada Board of Agriculture 
405 South 21st Street 
Sparks, NV 89431

Dear Board Members,

I oppose the decision you voted on at the Tuesday, December 12, 2017 meeting of the Nevada Board of Agriculture, to transfer ownership of the Virginia Range feral/estray horses to a non-profit organization, and I am asking you to call a special meeting to reverse that decision.

{add your own comments here}

Wild horses belong to the people of Nevada and are revered by Nevadans, Americans, and people from around the world. I urge you to do the right thing! I urge you not to give away our Nevada icons!


(Name & Address)


Mail your signed letter to Nevada Board of Agriculture, 405 S. 21st St, Sparks, NV 89431

You can also CALL the Nevada Board of Agriculture office and leave your polite, respectful comments – 775-353-3619.

You can post your comment using NV Dept of Ag on facebook

You can tweet the NV Board of Ag through twitter @NVAgriculture

Please remember to keep ALL comments, written or voiced, calm and respectful. Be matter of fact and stick to the point. We understand the frustration and emotion that goes with this issue, but we will get much further by staying calm, strong, united, and committed.


We need to FLOOD the Nevada Department of Agriculture's office! We have not given up and we NEVER will!!!