Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake
Wake Boat Update
August 21, 2017

By way of a reminder, for the remainder of the boating season on DCL, I encourage you to continue to report any instances you witness of impacts on boating safety, damage to personal property such as docks, boats, etc, and erosion of the shoreline due to large wakes caused by Wake Boats.  Immediate reporting should be done to the Natural Resources Police (410.260.8888).  In addition, this information should be reported to the Lake Management Office at 301.387.4111 or can be emailed to the Lake Manager, Eric Null, at  and copied to me.
Additionally, should you wish to voice concerns in person, I strongly encourage you to attend the next Policy Review Board (PRB) meeting which is scheduled for October 23rd at the Discovery Center in the State Park.  It will be held at 6:00 PM.  If any regulatory changes are to be initiated regarding the use of these vessels on DCL, it is very likely they will begin with the PRB.
At the General Membership Meeting this past Saturday, there was a presentation regarding restricted areas for the use of Wake Boats for the purpose of "Wake Surfing" due to the 200 foot requirement as well as of the COMAR Regulations that pertain to that activity.  It should noted that this regulation does not pertain to Wake Boarding, or any other activity where a person is tethered to the towing vessel.
You may see the maps of coves in which Wake Surfing is restricted here
Appropriate COMAR cites follow:

.05 General Operation of Boats.

A person may not operate or give permission to operate any motorboat or any vessel in a:
A. Reckless manner to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person; or
B. Negligent manner to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person.

.09 Wake Surfing.

A person may not operate or give permission to operate a watercraft for the purpose of wake surfing less than 200 feet from a shoreline, marine structure (pier, dock, piling, jetty, bridge structure, abutment, bulkhead, regulatory buoy, channel marker, floating platform anchored to the bottom and used for embarking and disembarking from boats, swimming or water skiing) and other vessels operating in the area or at anchor or moored or an individual or individuals in the water.

.10 Artificial Ballast.

A manufacturer's label shall be affixed to any portable ballast tank identifying the maximum capacity in gallons and/or weight in pounds and combined with the occupants may not exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the vessel as listed on the USCG loading label.  

Bob Hoffmann
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