issue 9
Happy (almost) Fall, dreamers!

There's just something about September.
A new beginning, a fresh start, the first page in the notebook.

JOIN US for all the GOOD we have planned.

Our MOST IMPORTANT update! As most of you know, a portion of our proceeds from web memberships will benefit The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County because now, more than ever, we need to bring light to the darkness. 

THANKS TO YOU, we were able to make a SIGNIFICANT donation to this cause. We plan to make one quarterly, so spread the word to friends and colleagues - this is yet another amazing reason to #jointheweb.

Also - once you are a paying member, please don't forget to use our private Facebook group to promote/highlight/share all of the good you have going on. What better way to celebrate yourself than in our community, built specifically for YOU!

We hope to see you ALL soon!

the dreamcatchers
We have TWO exciting events coming up this week alone! And many more down the pike...

For those who don't know, we have three pillars of our podcast: What’s Your Story (conversations with intrapreneurs), What’s the Word (conversations with brands that inspire us), and What’s the Matter (conversations about something currently on our minds). TONIGHT, we will be LIVE on our Facebook at 5pm for What’s the Matter, where we will discuss the matter of going “back to work" with some amazing women balancing a million things - but somehow keeping organized.

And then TOMORROW, we will be LIVE at Bell Works (and on Facebook) at 10am for our first in-person HOW IT WORKS since February - focusing on how to Escape Reality! Click the images below to get to the videos easily.

Also, stay tuned for:

Week of 9/28: dreamMASTERS academy: E-Commerce 101!
Week of 10/12: Creating your dreamRESUME! You asked, we answered!
Sunday, 10/18: Sunday Night SOCIAL, a webinar hosted by our very own Maris focusing on how to improve your social media footprint!
Check out our current list of dreamJOBS HERE. We are finally working on a BUNCH!

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Again, stay tuned for an e-commerce class coming the week of 9/28!

And don't forget! ​Missed a dreamMASTERS academy session? We record them! Purchase a ticket HERE and then email us with the title of your desired class for access to dreamMASTERS academy on demand. (A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the dreamMAKER's charity for up to a month after the class date.)

Web members are $10. Non-members are $15.

Stay tuned for additions to our syllabus in the coming weeks!

#changeyourcourse #leadwithlight 
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