issue 6
To our favorite dreamers...

It’s all happening! Yes, the days bleed and all of us are treading water...but we are making things happen with YOUR help. Next week, you can learn how to network with confidence (ahem...pretty sure that’s essential always, but especially now) and last week, we were reminded to mind our thoughts and allow our brains to take breaths and breaks. Special thanks to our gurus Bridget and Julie.

What can you bring to the academy curriculum? Fill out this form and let’s showcase and celebrate your strengths. As we promised when you joined us, we are building content, connecting in constellations, spreading light and best of all, hope.

Keep holding us to our promises!

the dreamcatchers
On Monday 7/20 at 11am , join us us for  networking 101: from cra*ppy wine to creating connections  featuring dreamMAKER  Julie Harnik .

Over her 15-year marketing career, nobody hated networking more than Julie. As a self-proclaimed wallflower, the idea of wandering around a room of strangers, starting conversations over warm wine and stale crudite, was her idea of hell on earth. It wasn’t until she became an entrepreneur that she truly understood the importance of creating connections — and that she could go about networking in a variety of ways that felt both comfortable and effective. How to successfully network might be the #1 lesson she'd tell her younger self — so instead, she wants to share what she's learned along the way with you.

Web members are $10. Non-members are $15. Click image above to register.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to  FULFILL , whose mission is to alleviate hunger and build food security in Monmouth & Ocean Counties and to make sure that all people at all times have access to enough nutritious food to maintain an active and healthy life.
Did you miss our first dreamMASTERS academy on 6/29? You can still access Bridget's amazing class, setting intention 101 , on dreamMASTERS academy on demand !
Email us for more info.

A portion of the proceeds from Bridget's class (and any future on demand views!) will be donated to  KYDS  (Konscious Youth Development & Service), a 501c3 non-profit conscious youth development organization that transforms Youth, Schools and Communities through holistic practices. 

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In order for us to track properly, we need you to OFFICIALLY JOIN US ! Once you do, you will receive an email with information about having direct access to:

  • Our private Facebook group - this will be one of our home-bases; a place for you to come to collaborate, network, and share. Do not be shy. 
  • The dreamDIRECTORY, a comprehensive password-protected list of our members
  • Placement in a dreamcatchers web constellation. As part of your membership, you are gifted this constellation, or individualized group of stars, based on your needs and desires.
  • After careful review of the questionnaires, we made the groups. After almost 2 decades acting as professional matchmakers in our day jobs, we are confident we have made some great choices!
  • We are still working on our groups and would love to expand them. If you have yet to be placed with a star, make sure you have PAID and then filled out your GOOGLE form.
  • We will periodically send surveys out because we want to ensure your constellation is serving its purpose and that are working on what our members want and need to see.
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