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TONIGHT, 7/13 at 7:30pm EST!
#dreamCAMP has gotten us SUPER nostalgic for all things childhood - so what better way to take a look at where we have been than a chat with important people from our past?!

Introducing our special edition series of what's your story - where are they now?!

First up: Jamie's (almost) entire team from her Turner days - now Warner Media - where she was part of the HR/recruiting team for CNN, TBS, TNT, TRUTV, Turner Sports, Cartoon Network and more. We will reminisce, discuss, discover. You don’t want to miss this front row seat with some of the media industry’s top HR execs. Trust us!

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“See” you all TONIGHT, 7/13 at 7:30pm EST!

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What's Your Superpower?
SheBuildsWaves x the dreamcatchers
TOMORROW, 7/14 @ 1pm EST!
SheBuildsWaves is a collective of women who make waves in the built industry by engaging each other and striving for more, together. The Dreamcatchers are thrilled to team up with this amazing organization, led by dreamMAKER and former podcast guest, Bolanle Williams-Olley, for for a new installation of their Growth workshops - a free webinar that breaks down a variety of topics that will equip your career toolkit for success!

Join us for HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR SUPERPOWER tomorrow, 7/14 @1pm!
We will be covering a wide range of hot topics such as:

- How do you find the dream in your job?
- How do you tell your story, what make you good at your job?
- What is your superpower?
Inspiration: Blossom(ing) from Surviving to Thriving & Beyond with Elaine Sugimura
SUNDAY, 7/18 12-2:30pm EST!
Join long-time colleague and dreamMAKER, Elaine Sugimura for this Virtual Experiential Workshop that will allow you to discover how you can plant the seed and watch your life bloom by merely shifting the way you view what is happening to you. We all have moments when we are merely just surviving and now, you will have a chance to create the change needed to be a thriver in all you do.

About this Event (from Elaine):

Have you ever asked yourself...

Why is this happening to ME?

What will it take to GET past the pain and negative thoughts?
What steps do I GET to make in order to move past being STUCK?
How do other Survivors move to becoming a Thriver?

We will have intimate conversations around this subject to explore where you are today and how you can shift towards becoming a THRIVER! We each get to create the what we want to cause in our personal and professional lives. Who does not want to discover this? Let's support one another and dig deep to find the solution you crave during this workshop.

About Elaine, your Facilitator:
Elaine Sugimura is known for her years in the fashion industry as a leading Sr. Executive and has been involved with brands from luxury to mass. She, currently, owns 4 businesses and is also the CEO of a unique food and beverage franchise from Germany. Her time is filled building relationships and she is known in the industry as an inspirational leader, motivator and business and relationship coach/mentor.

She fills her entrepreneur spirit by coaching and mentoring those who are seeking support to become a thriver in all areas of their lives. Her success is not singularly owned, she has been married to the love of her life, Hiro, for 37+ years and whom she credits her overall success. They have 2 amazing sons and now, daughter-in-law’s whom she covets dearly.

As a breast cancer survivor twice over so she knows a thing or two about blossoming from those experiences. Her motto is...

"Surviving is not an option...Thriving is where we get to Live!"

Come join the party and learn how to shift from the drift.
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