celebrating fifteen years of ripples!

Pebble Tossers started 15 years ago as friends serving with friends, and that's who we remain today, thanks to volunteers like you who continue to support our mission.

We've seen a lot throughout the past 15 years. From the Great Recession of 2008 to COVID-19 to this past winter storm and everything in between, we've served the most vulnerable in our community with YOU by our side.

This month, we celebrate the many impacts our volunteers and nonprofit partners have accomplished through stories of service, empathy, and leadership. We hope you enjoy the stories we have to share— you may find the one that jumpstarts your ripple of giving!

With Kindness,

The Pebble Tossers Team

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Hear From Our Nonprofit Partners

Our nonprofit partners are confident in their ability to positively impact thousands of lives daily, thanks to our youth volunteers' willingness and eagerness to tackle even the biggest challenges.

Watch this video and be inspired by six of our nonprofit partners ----->

Rooney, the "Unloveable" Tomcat

Each service project offers youth and family volunteers a unique experience. Since joining in early 2022, Katherine has been a leader in bringing change to the Atlanta community through her love for serving others.

Hear the story of her encounter with Rooney, the "Unloveable" Tomcat.

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time capsule of the past

Our First Service Project

Pebble Tossers' first big service project exceeded expectations! In 2010, we hosted a shoe drive for Haitian families who needed shoes to attend school or their jobs. Our secondary goal was to help the environment by keeping shoes out of a landfill.

We collected 2,800 pairs of shoes and shipped them in a container to Haiti. This photo from our first shoe drive is of a man taking off the shoes he was wearing to donate them!

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Ages 21+ Only Event

15th Anniversary Speciality Bourbon + Tequila Raffle Event!

Join us to celebrate Pebble Tossers' 15th anniversary on November 2nd at the Salesforce Tower in Buckhead. Enjoy an evening of fun as we look back over 15 years of impact on the Atlanta community.

  • Hear powerful stories of impact from our youth volunteers and nonprofit partners.
  • Enjoy delicious food, crafted cocktails, beer, and wine as you mingle with community members and industry leaders.
  • Get a chance to win baskets with Specialty Bourbon and Tequila!
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Empower Youth to Serve, Lead, and Succeed

Our 15th-anniversary campaign is not just a reflection on our past achievements; it's a bold step into the future, an opportunity to amplify our impact, and a call to action for all those who believe in the power of youth-driven change.

Your support expands our reach, enhances youth development, addresses urgent needs, and builds a lasting legacy for future generations. Help us push forward another 15 years when you volunteer, make a gift, or start a fundraiser project in our name!


Stay in touch with us at membership@pebbletossers.org or 678.757.5597.

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