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Around the 15th of each month leading up to the actual bike tour, I will send a message like this giving you important and relevant information about what you need to know about the event. Sometimes, these messages get flagged by spam filters. Sometimes, people have entered in the wrong email address while registering. Sometimes, people simply just don't check their email. LOL! In any case, be on the lookout and check in with others you know that are registered to see if they are getting these monthly messages. I'll post a reminder on FB.

NOTE: The emails only get sent to the email listed on the registration.

Here's what's important right now!


Tent camping is offered at our host campsite each night. You may pitch your own tent for free or consider our (limited and for a fee) hotel and tent porter service. We are a "tent camping based" bike tour but realize that not everyone likes tent camping. We ask that you realize on your end that other options are limited, especially in some of the smaller towns we visit.

HOTELS: Hotel rooms are starting to fill up. It sounds like in Cannon Falls, there is also a wedding that weekend and the hotels there may be full. Since you will most likely have your vehicle with you, and if you really want to stay in a hotel the first 2 nights, consider booking a hotel in one of the nearby towns, like Red Wing, Northfield, or Hastings and drive over to the starting point to begin the ride the first two days. You'll have time each morning to drive over.

TENT SERVICE: We are currently maxed out for our tent porter service. We were able to purchase some additional tents and will reach out to the people on our list. If extra spots open up, we will let you know.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Our posted cancel by date is May 1, by which we will refund your registration fee, minus $100 (and the transaction fee that goes to GetMeRegistered and not us.) However, because there was such high interest in the tour this year and we still have people on the wait list, if anyone needs/wants to cancel their registration by March 15, we can connect you with someone from our waitlist to transfer your spot to them so you don't lose any fees or registration money. Perhaps because something else came up or maybe you really wanted to stay in a hotel and weren't able to get a room?

If you are interested in this offer, contact me directly ASAP!

We were able to open up more spots so that some people on our waitlist could register. Our planning team needed to discuss logistics (meals, bathrooms, staffing, etc.) first, as we needed to be mindful and respectful to those that were already signed up. Thank you for being supportive and compassionate!

CONNECTING WITH OTHER RIDERS: One of our veteran riders oversees a chat group page on Facebook, called TOM's Chain Gang, where you can introduce yourself, ask each other questions, etc. NOTE: This group is NOT an official part of the Tour of MN. We have our own separate FB page.

Look for another message on March 15! Until then, see our Rider Guide.


June 15-22, 2024 

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Thank you!

Doobie Kurus

Tour Director


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