iOS App for BeHear NOW Headsets Finalized
Now, for the news that our iPhone backers have been waiting for -- development of the iOS version of the companion app for the BeHear NOW assistive hearing headsets is finally complete!

Our early adopters will be receiving personal e-mail notifications with shipping details of their headsets for tracking purposes. Thank you all for your patience!!!

We are currently in the process of setting up an on-line store, distribution channel, and fulfillment center so that the rest of you can experience assistive hearing as well. Stay tuned!
Next Stop: IFA Berlin

We are proud to exhibit at this technology showcase for key retailers, buyers, media, and industry experts from over 100 countries worldwide. Let us know if you would like an exhibits pass.
Aug. 31-Sep. 5, Hall 1.2 - Stand 107
HearLink "How to..." Videos

For those of you who have already received a beta version of HearLink, our assistive listening transmitter, this video series will help you get the most out of your product. For the rest, it will give a quick overview of the product's functions and features.

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Want a BeHear Headset of Your Own?

We will shortly announce general availability and advise how to procure a headset in your area. Click the link below to be added to our early shipment list.