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March 2023
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Drs. Nick Chater and George Loewenstein created quite a stir in the behavioral economics world when they argued in a paper that some behavioral scientists have mistakenly focused their efforts on trying to solve society’s biggest problems by focusing on changing individual behavior instead of by addressing systemic or structural issues. The paper was celebrated by some and criticized by others, including Dr. Cass Sunstein whose work was referenced in the paper. Recently, Dr. Sunstein wrote a response paper, a preprint set to appear in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. CHIBE spoke with Dr. Sunstein for a Q&A on this topic.

A Freakonomics MD episode with CHIBE-affiliated faculty member Atheendar Venkataramani, MD, PhD

Are years of stress on the heart, repeated blows to the head, and other physical injuries causing NFL players to die earlier than they otherwise would have? What about the health advantages that come with being a professional athlete? Read or listen here.

An American Journal of Preventive Medicine paper led by Aviva A. Musicus, ScD, with CHIBE authors Laura Gibson, PhD; Jennifer Orr, MSPH; Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH; Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD; and Christina Roberto, PhD, et al

Multiple US localities have introduced legislation requiring sugar-sweetened beverage warnings. What effects do different warning designs have on beverage selections and perceptions? Read more here.

A Best Life piece featuring CHIBE-affiliated faculty member Abby Alpert, PhD

When you ask your doctor to prescribe meds you've seen on TV, you may actually be less likely to follow the treatment plan, warned Abby Alpert, PhD. "While advertising increases drug adherence among existing patients, we also find that among people who initiate treatment because of advertising, their compliance with treatment is actually lower on average," she told Knowledge at Wharton. Read more here.
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March 9 from Noon to 1 PM EST
Join us for a CHIBE and LDI seminar on "Caseworker Subjectivity, SNAP Benefit Receipt, and Labor Supply" with Chloe N. East, PhD, Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado Denver. This is an in-person event held at Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Room 1203, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA. Register here: See more details here.

March 23 from Noon to 1 PM EST
Join us for a CHIBE and Health Policy seminar on “Food policies for healthier diets: lessons from around the globe” with Lindsey Smith Taillie, PhD, Associate Professor of Nutrition, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. This is a hybrid seminar located in person at 1104 Blockley Hall, 423 Guardian Drive, Philadelphia, PA, or virtually through Zoom at See more details here.
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