Vol 11, Issue 2 November 12 2021
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In this week's edition: Employability rules: Students in Canada are prioritizing programs that offer skills training, virtual youth committee internships & Volunteer Opportunities, RAPID POLICY UPDATE2021 Fall Economic Statement, WPH Labour Market Q3 Data report, November 20th, 2021 Hamilton Day, newcomers new program
Employability rules: Students in Canada are prioritizing programs that offer skills training
Virtual Youth Committee - Internships & Volunteer Opportunities $10.00 Gift card when you sign up!
Krysten Payne, whose father was a teacher, remembers being strongly encouraged to choose university over college after high school.
Payne, 29, describes himself as someone who likes to work with his hands – his first clue that university maybe wasn’t the best route to his dream job. Still, to please his family, Payne struck a compromise with his parents. He took applied technology courses after high school at Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Technology.

From there, he studied at Toronto’s Seneca College, in a transfer program that qualifies graduates for university degree programs.
“I was definitely pressured to go to university. At that age, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life yet,” Payne remembers. “A lot of people get pushed into education, they keep going down a path, and next thing you know, you’re sitting behind a computer realizing you’re not doing what you want to do.”

Institutions that provide hands-on training, like colleges or polytechnics, have often been cast as the second-rate option to university education. For students like Payne, the pressure to obtain a degree can override other priorities, like their interests or natural skills.
However, Statistics Canada data shows young people are balking at old notions of prestige when choosing their education. Students in Canada graduate from college diploma programs at a higher rate than their peers in other parts of the world.
Workforce Planning Hamilton is seeking young professionals interested in digital job development in the Hamilton region. WPH has been able to connect with you individually to discuss our upcoming Virtual Youth Committee.

This committee aims to develop a community-wide strategy to support high youth unemployment rates and assist youth in the Hamilton region in navigating labour market information. This committee of youth and employers will be able to create a digital platform that will feature centralized information for youth in Hamilton. Our hope is that this information will ultimately help youth with networking opportunities, hiring processes, employer advice, and provide youth with a better grasp of what Hamilton’s labour market reveals to support employment decisions.
age: 15-29 years old
Time: 15 hours, once a month meeting

for more information/send your resumes to
Business & Data Research
RAPID POLICY UPDATE2021 Fall Economic Statement
WPH Labour Market Q3 Data Report
On November 4, the Government of Ontario released its 2021 Fall Economic Statement entitled, Build Ontario, which provides an update on the government’s finances and announces commitments for the upcoming 2022 Budget.
The Government of Ontario announced plans to:
  • Propose an extension to the temporary Ontario Jobs Training Tax Credit by one year, providing Ontarians with an additional $275 million of support for eligible training expenses.
  • Invest an additional $90.3 million in its Skilled Trades Strategy over the three years to promote and streamline careers in the skilled trades.
  • Invest $5 million in 2021-22 to expand the Second Career Program to aid newcomers, gig workers, and people with disabilities acquire the skills needed for in-demand jobs.

Key Trends in Hamilton's Labour Market:

  • There was a significant change in the unemployment rate and with a decrease in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the third quarter of 2020. 
  • The number of unemployed job postings has continued to decline this year. From a high of 17.7 in January to 8.7 in September. This means there are about 9 unemployed people in every job vacancy
  • Professional occupations in education services, jobs grew the most in quarter 3, growing by 6,300 jobs
  • Middle management occupations in trades, transportations, productions and utilities declined the most in total jobs decreasing by 2,530 jobs  
  • There has been an increase in job postings, growing by 5.6 % in the third quarter to 9,331 jobs in Hamilton compared to the second quarter
  • A slight change in the order of the top 10 skills demand in the job search where communication, teamwork, and customer service come in the top 3
  • Skill level C jobs saw the strongest growth in wages from Q3 2021 to Q3 2020 

Events & Webinars
November 20th, 2021
Hamilton Day
Newcomers Free Program

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce first held Hamilton Day in 1931 during the depths of the Great Depression to boost spirits and the local economy. While it was only one day in an economic downturn that carried on for years, Hamilton Day was symbolic of a rallying spirit in the face of adversity.
90 years ago we showed our local spots some love. It’s time to do it again.
Local independent businesses are invited to participate in Hamilton Day. That includes small retail shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, theatres, independent artists and musicians, florists, gyms & fitness studios, personal services, entertainment and games stores – among others.
For patrons, take this opportunity to support your favourite local businesses – or try a new restaurant or visit a new shop that has just opened up!

Workplace Preparation
(Enhanced Language Training)
Learn the skills and techniques that will help you to overcome common
barriers that newcomer professionals face during the job search.
Program highlights:
• Flexible full-time and part-time format;
• Expand your understanding about your
profession in Canada;
• Develop effective cover letters and
resumes to highlight your skills;
• Build a professional network within your
field of interest;
• Develop strong job search and interview
• Earn five micro-certifications supported
by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce;
• Connect with a mentor to help you
progress your career in Canada.
• You’re a permanent resident of Canada or
a protected person;
• You have current proof of Canadian
Language Benchmark level 7+;
• You have international education and
relevant work experience.

The Hamilton COVID Concierge for Business is a one-stop online resource centre and phone line dedicated to supporting Hamilton businesses with their COVID-19 business questions and concerns.
Hamilton businesses can call the COVID Concierge at 905-521-3989 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm) or Contact Us online.

The Hamilton COVID Concierge for Business is brought to you by the Hamilton COVID Concierge Team, comprised of the City of Hamilton and the three local Chambers of Commerce.
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