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Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 5 2024

We will be celebrating virtual Eucharist with Transfiguration Church via Zoom at 9:00 am, and Holy Eucharist in-person at Good Shepherd Church 10:30 am.

Good Shepherd Mission Statement

We are a people who hear the Good Shepherd's voice.

We know by faith that we belong to God.

We are called to seek and love our neighbors as God loves us!

Florence Walters was an Honoree at the Seabury Celebration of Service at its Centennial.

Seabury Resources for Aging was founded in 1924 as the Episcopal Church Home. Its mission is to provide personalized affordable services and housing to help older adults in the Washington DC area live with independence and dignity. The event was held at the National Cathedral and Florence was nominated on behalf of Good Shepherd for all her good works!!

"Your lifetime of dedicated service to God, family, and community inspires the members of your congregations and the community. May we all learn from your example."


Wednesday Bible Study - May 8, 11:30 am

Lunch Bunch- Wednesday, May 8, 12:30 pm

Telephone prayer meeting every Thursday at 9:15 am. The number to call to join the prayer meeting is 508-924-2778. If you have any questions contact Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726. 

From the Worship Team:

Our wonderful Deacon Linda Mahler chairs the Worship Committee and she would love to hear from you in terms of any suggestions you have for worship. You are also welcome to share your thoughts (after church or by phone) with anyone on the worship committee (Linda, Anna George, Ray G.). You are also invited to join the team as well!! We know that people have strong feelings about worship. 

We are open to ideas about how the worship team should be configured in terms of the roles and points of view that should be represented on the team. If you have ideas about this, please share them with us. We know it's not possible to satisfy everyone at every worship service, but we are committed to making the worship experience as rewarding as possible, trying out new things from time to time to keep worship engaging, and including the traditions that are important to Good Shepherd. The conversation continues...Anna, Ray, George, Debbie and Linda      

Food Drive Collection- May 18, 11 am


  • The vestry has decided not to pursue the five candidates who applied for our half-time rector position and to suspend our search for a rector for a brief period.
  • This difficult decision was made after holding a financial mini-retreat with Canon Andrew Walter from the Diocese.
  • The vestry will hold a vestry retreat on June 15 and will focus on initiating a new search based on the evolution in expectations for both clergy and congregations.
  • Two of our vestry who are also former Senior Wardens (Liz and Shaun) led the Lenten discussion on the book “Part Time is Plenty” which was so timely considering our status and I encourage everyone to read it to better understand what we face.
  • For now and in our immediate future we will be dedicating all our efforts to helping Linda and the Worship Committee provide the very best in our worship services with current supply clergy, guest clergy from the Diocese, lay sermons, listening opportunities and uplifting communion. We welcome any and all input from you our beloved congregation as we continue to go forward together.


To pray and actually mean “thy kingdom come,” we must also be able to say, “my kingdoms go.” When we agree to live simply, we have time for spiritual and corporal works of mercy, prayer, service, and justice work and we are free to love. Richard Rohr


Saturday, May 18th - The Church of the Ascension in Silver Spring is hosting an interview and discussion with the Civil Rights and social justice activist Ruby Sales, 10:00-12:30 in their Parish Hall. The topic of this special event is “Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future” in these uncertain and turbulent times. All are welcome. https://ascensionsilverspring.org/2024/04/12/in-person-event-with-civil-rights-icon-ruby-sales-may-18/

Don’t Miss a Screening of The Philadelphia Eleven at AFI Theater in Silver Spring, Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 at 7:00 PM. This inspiring documentary tells the story of the struggles and triumphs of the first women to be ordained priests in the Episcopal Church. A panel discussion with Bishop Budde and others follows the film.

Episcopal Public Policy Network Action Alerts 

Establish Paid Family Leave Learn about the recent, bipartisan framework for paid family leave and join us in advocating for paid family leave in Congress, so that all workers have protections, allowing them to care for loved ones.

 A Closer Look with OGR: Immigration Join us for three webinars focused on aspects of our immigration advocacy and other ministries across the church. Sessions will cover LGBTQIA2S+ migrants, state immigration laws, and U.S. federal immigration policy and temporary protected status. Sessions are April 26, May 3, and May 10. Registration is free but required for each of the sessions. 

Episco-Pols Season 3! – The 2024 U.S. election season is well underway, as is our Episcopal election engagement. In our first episode of season three, we set the stage for what it means to vote and vote faithfully. Rebecca and Alan explore aspects of election engagement, emerging concerns for this year, how Episcopalians can get involved, and why it's important to embody healthy, faith-informed civic engagement.

For any questions please call Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726 or email at ilovegoldens12@gmail.com

Shepherd’s Table is asking Good Shepherd for volunteers. Please follow this link for opportunities to volunteer or reach out to Daniella Burgos dburgos@shepherdstable.org. Thank you!

Food Drive, Saturday May 18

Grocery Shopping for our Food Collection-  All nutritious staples are happily received.

- Tuna, Salmon, or Chicken, in water

- Dry or canned beans (low sodium, if possible)

- Natural nut butters

- Brown rice (16 oz)

- Whole grain pasta

- Pasta sauce in plastic jars

- Canned vegetables (low sodium, if possible)

- Canned fruit (in juice)

- Fruit cups

- Shelf-stable milk in individual milk boxes

- Cooking oils and spices


Celebration of Life Service for the World Central Kitchen Humanitarians at the Washington National Cathedral - Click here to watch the service. The remarks by José Andrés begin at 55 minutes, 30 seconds into the service. In addition, José Andrés has an editorial in the May 1, 2024, Washington Post: "We're going back to Gaza to feed people. Here's what we need from Israel." Among his remarks at the April 25th service, José Andrés said the following: "The best of you are those who feed others... Food can never be a weapon of war. The opposite of life is not death. It is indifference...We take risks because we want to change the world." Let us remember that Jesus fed others and Jesus took risks.


In his remarks, José Andrés eulogized the seven World Central Kitchen volunteers who lost their lives to the violence of military forces. This did not mean that he was prioritizing their deaths over the horrific deaths of the other tens of thousands of innocent civilians. In a similar way, student protestors who spoke on Jim Zogby's Coffee and a Column on May 1 made it clear that they did not ever want reactions to their actions to take precedence in the news cycle over the reasons that had brought them out. These students - Jewish, Christian, Muslim, among others - bemoaned the weaponization of their messages. Let us remember that Jesus, too, was often misunderstood.

 -Lynn and Greg Wood.


Sixth Sunday of Easter

First Lesson: Acts 10:44-48

Psalm: 98

Second Lesson: 1 John 5:1-6

The Gospel: John 15:9-17

The Week of May 5, 2024

Sun 5/5 via Zoom 9:00 am, Holy Eucharist in-person at Good Shepherd 10:30, BS Troop 97 3 pm, M de Vida 5 pm

Mon 5/6 M de Vida service 7 pm

Tues 5/7 SDA service 6 pm

Wed 5/8 Bible Study 11:30 am, Lunch Bunch 12:30 pm

Thur 5/9 SDA 6 pm

Fri 5/10 SDA 6 pm

Sat 5/11 SDA service 9 am & 6 pm, M de Vida service 6 pm

Sun 5/12 Zoom 9:00 am, in-person at Good Shepherd 10:30 am, Panda computer class, 1 pm, BS Troop 97 3 pm, M de Vida 5 pm

Zoom Readers ( 9 am):

May 5 Elspeth Nunn

May 12 Elisa Elliot

May 19 Lilian Luksenburg

May 26 Susan Womack

LEM & Lector

May 5 Diane Russell, Anna Gilcher

May 12 Debbie Beebe, Greg Wood

May 19 Liz Cocke, Elisa Elliot

May 26 Linda Campo, Elspeth Nunn


May 5 Diane Janesko, Shaun Hardy

May 12 Joan Lewis, Kirk Franklin

May 19 Patricia Dorn, Araba Pobee

May 26 Sal Campo, Eric Reiffenstein

Vestry on Duty

May 5 Shaun Hardy

May 12 Debbie Beebe

May 19 Liz Cocke

May 26


Carol Lewis, Frank Desmond (GS member), John Elliott (GS member), Joan DeMoss (GS member), David Jeter (GS member), Rosemond Cole (GS member), Althea Peters (GS member), Arlene Mahon (GS member), Gregg Wood, Madison Smith (friend of Linda Campo), Paul Crawford (brother-in-law of Patricia Dorn), Robert Tschinkel (friend of Patricia Dorn), Phyllis Shipley (friend of Florence Walters), Ida Watson (friend of Florence Walters), Jeanette Ottley (friend of Florence Walters), Med and Lynette Douglas (family of Florence Walters), Tristan Walters (Nephew of Florence Walters), and Ena Veronica Hall (Friend of Florence Walters).

Names of Family and Friends will remain on the list for 4 weeks.

Clergy & Staff

Deborah Beebe



The Rev. Linda Mahler


Organist & Choirmaster

George Drumwright


Parish Administrator


Vestry & Delegates

Senior Warden

Deborah Beebe

Junior Warden

JasCiel Stamp

Shaun Hardy

Ray Battistelli

Becky Parks

Liz Cocke

Vanvisa Sivali

Lillian Luksenberg


Rosemary Addy

Eric Reiffenstein

Counters & Recorders (All serve on a rotating schedule.)

Ray Battistelli

Elisa Elliot

Kirk Franklin 

Arlene Mahon

Florence Walters

Greg Wood

Jim Woodhams

Allen Wyrick



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