Words of Wisdom

Thus says the Lord: “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls."

Jeremiah 6:16


5th Grade Promotion

What a big day for the high school graduating class of 2031! They're leaping into middle school after a successful year in the fifth grade at GCES.

Friday marked the final chapel of the 2023-24 school year with the presentation of the Presidential Awards and a big celebration afterward. Thanks go out to our teachers Mrs. Lockwood and Mr. Sha. What an exciting time coming up as these fine young men and women take their next big step in life.

Kindergarten Graduation

Our kindergarten class of 2024 completed another big early step forward with their graduation last week. We're so grateful for all the love and passion Mrs. Bull and Mrs. Knight invested in building such a solid educational foundation for our future leaders.

As you can see, these youngsters have some big dreams. Families- we're excited to walk with you during these next chapters of these children's lives.

2nd Grade Trip To Rogue Recycling

Remember when you were a kid when a trip to the dump was a highlight? Waste management has changed a lot over the years, including the emergence of recycling. Mrs. Carte and Mrs. Vanlandingham took their second grade classes to Rogue Recycling to gain insight into what happens with what we either throw away or recycle.

They saw firsthand where our trash goes, why we recycle, what we recycle, and how lawn debris is turned into usable soil. They also learned how the methane gas from the composting process is used to power over three thousand buildings in the area. 

4th Grade Spatial Study

Spatial reasoning is an understanding of shape, size, position, direction, and movement. Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Amann discovered that students catch on quickly!!

Students in her math class solved “toothpick puzzles” using spatial reasoning! Wow! Nicely done.

Bible Bowl

The fourth graders won Thursday's Bible Bowl at Grace Christian Elementary in a competition that went right down to the wire. The fourth and fifth graders were tied after the full slate of questions was asked by Mrs. Fretz, with speed winning the day for the victorious class.

The encouraging takeaway from the assembly was observing how all the classes successfully answered so many questions- indicating they learned a lot. We're grateful that at GCES we can build up our students spiritually and academically. We pray this sets a solid foundation for our young people as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!

Once again, our aspiring journalists at GCES have been working hard, creating the final school paper for the school year. Their endeavors paid off with another fine edition.

The final issue featured Grace Cascade Head of Schools Erik Ritschard, a comic written and illustrated by third grader Lucy Wilson, a Bible verse, and a joke. Upon completion, the newspaper team toured each classroom to present their work. Good work, everyone!

Have a great summer!


Onward & Upward: 8th Graders Promoted

Look out, world! The Class of 2028 is moving up! Thursday evening marked the completion of their middle school studies, and a sendoff to high school.

This incredible collection of young men and women will do exciting things in high school, and we look forward to seeing God at work as they continue onward.

Thanks to Sarah Ashworth for all the great pictures. Harry Gerhard of Lighthouse Productions has produced a video that you can see.

Congratulations to the Cascade Christian Middle School Class of 2024. We're proud of you!

Awards Assembly

The hard work of our middle school students was recognized with an awards assembly. These kids accomplished a great deal. We desire that these honors serve as an inspiration and motivation as they continue their studies.

A Week Full of Celebrating

A season of learning has come to its conclusion. It's time to celebrate and look forward.

Our eighth grade kids enjoyed a jet boat trip down the Rogue River, and a school BBQ welcoming them to Cascade Christian High School.

Math Teacher's Bedazzling Motivator

We’ve seen high school teachers get their beards shaved and pies to the face. Math teacher Mr. Fortier hit a new high, promising a student that if they passed their final exam, he would let them bedazzle his head.

Well, they did, and he did. That's dedication.

Yearbook Signing

Our yearbooks aren't out yet, but students did have an opportunity to sign yearbook pages during the last week of school. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who are working on this.


Innovation Expo This August

Check out this exciting look into the future! How will innovation impact how we live and do business in the years ahead? Here's a great opportunity to learn more.

Awards Assembly

A week after our seniors were honored for their character and achievements, our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were recognized in a morning assembly.

For those who couldn't attend, here's a rundown of the awards:

Academic Excellence

Anatomy & Physiology- Annika Byers, Poppy Freeman

Biology- Zachary Fennell, Elijah Goergen, Ford Moening, Ella Price, Brooklynn Robbins, Ellie Webb

Kinesiology- Josie Scaglione

Sports Performance- Lena Casebeer, Ella Price

Chemistry- Kyle Krutsch, Izzy McCauley

Engineering- Caroline Carter, Samuel Wang

Health- Levi Ennis-Herro, Sarah Kephart, Ella Price, Olivia Skogseth, Ellie Webb

Physics- Mae Ferreira, Makena Haley, Chloe Lynn, Caleb Parker, Michael Ragan, Shiloh Rud

AP US History- Chloe Lynn

AP World History- Mae Ferreira, Alyse, Lane, Michael Ragan

US History- Jayden Ancheta, JAcb Cisson, Poppy Freeman, Jordynn Jones, Josie Scaglione

World History- John Heimbuck, Jonah Johnson, Chloe Lynn

English 9- Lexi Cate, Emily Chavez, Ford Moening, Ella Price, Lillian Wade, Ellie Webb

English 10- Nash Crisp, Chloe Lynn

Honors English 10- Chloe Case, Makena Haley

AP Language 11- Annika Byers, Caroline Carter

English 11- Cole Breitler, Gavin Casebeer, Jacob Cisson

Spanish 1- Emily Chavez, Alexander Elkins, Levi Ennis-Herro, Zachary Fennell, Ford Moening, Shiloh Rud

Spanish 2- Chloe Case, Gavin Casebeer, Makena Haley, Michael Ragan, Ella Stofflet, Amelia Vanlandingham

Spanish 3- Annika Byers, Caroline Carter, CJ Bonner, Carson Willard

Mock Trial- Ford Moening

Fly Fishing- Emily Chavez, Nathan Hendrickson

Furniture Restoration- Madyson Winters

Video Production- Alexander Elkins, Rebecca Marical

National Honor Society- Caroline Carter, Sadie Page

Bible 9- Brynn Coppedge, Ronnie Everett, Elijah Goergen, Sarah Kephart, Ford Moening, Ella Price

Bible 10/11- Serena Amann, Jayden Ancheta, Annika Byers, Caroline Carter, Callie Krutsch, Kyle Krutsch, Rebecca Marical, Sadie Page, Shiloh Rud, Jordin Shaw, Samuel Wang

Algebra 1- Ronnie Everett, Elijah Goergen, Rebecca Kephart, Ella Price

Algebra 2- Emma Coats, Makena Haley, Zach Hutcheson, Sadie Page, Josie Scaglione

Geometry- Callie Krutsch, Chloe Lynn, Ford Moening, Shiloh Rud

Pre-Calculus- Annika Byers, Caroline Carter

Band- Isaac Janbay, Rebecca Kephart

Christian Character Awards

Respectfulness- Annika Byers, Gavin Casebeer, Ashlyn Cooper, Brady Dorner, Chloe Lynn, Jevin Roberson

Kindness- Serena Amann, Emily Chavez, Ryann DeBoer, Alex Fiannaca, Noah Harrington, John Heimbuck

Leadership- Zachary Fennell, Sadie Page, Ella Price, Caleb Scaglione, Sam Seus, Rebecca Tuivanu

Selflessness- Caroline Carter, Taitum Connick, Nash Crisp, Thomas Grier, Kyle Krutsch, Jordin Shaw

Integrity- Lexi Cate, Jacob Cisson, Callie Krutsch, Izzy McCauley, Ford Moening, Riley Wood

Congratulations to all!

Mock Trial

Mock trial, featuring prosecutors Ford Moening and Lauren Todd, defense attorneys Raena Crisp and Saige Griffin, defendant Samantha Robertson, and witnesses Isaac Young, Adam Lowell, and Becca Tuivanu. Judge Kayla Crenshaw presiding.

Mock trials are based on real-life trials. In this case, it dealt with some of the issues that came to bear regarding the unrest on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. In particular, they were wrestling with allegations of witness intimidation- although the mock trial revolved around a private aircraft accident and accusations of recklessness.

Ultimately- due to a procedural matter- this ended in a mistrial. A survey of the audience reveals they would have found the defendant guilty.

We had a chance to visit the court, and we must say it was a sight to see. What a great learning experience. It was also great to see family and friends in attendance.

Final Week Fun, Games, & Kona Ice

There's nothing like fun, games, fellowship, and some refreshing Kona Ice to enjoy our final week together. We were blessed with some fantastic weather.

A lot of great things were accomplished this year. Now it's time for a little "R&R" and recharging the batteries before we get together in the fall.

Have a great summer!


Youth Football Camp '24 & JR Boys Basketball Camp

Our annual Youth Football Camp is on! For incoming 1st through 8th grade boys and girls. Learn the fundamentals of the game we love in a fun, encouraging environment. You'll learn from coaches and players of the 5-time State Champion Challengers (including back-to-back in '22 and '23).

June 17-20, 9:30-11:30 am, Challenger Field, CCHS. Enter the gate at the end of Gilman Rd. The cost is $55. Bring athletic shoes, cleats, and water. Register via QR code or register HERE.

Jr Challenger Boys Basketball Skills Camp for incoming 5th-8th graders will take place on June 24-26th at Cascade Christian High School. See the flyer for more registration information.