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January 10, 2023

Executive Director's Update

Fourteen months and I'm still learning. They say a constant in life is change. We've seen plenty of change at MLEP. A new director, a new administrative assistant, new office, new computers, new accountant, new website (almost), new database, new members, new sponsors, new advertisers, new training offerings, new training venues, new staff at partner organizations (DNR, SFI, MFI,...) [re]newed newsletters and more.

Yet, I've quickly learned of constants:

Professional Loggers. If it weren't for the decades of dedication from generations of loggers, the forest products industry in Minnesota wouldn't exits. What would the conservation efforts of our state look like without our professional loggers?

Loggers, who may not be seeing this note until spring break-up, should know that we know that you work tirelessly to maintain and grow your business. Completing continuing education courses, attending conferences, figuring out sometimes (okay often) challenging and less than exciting online courses.

We'll do our best to make the content interesting, relevant, and easy. We'll also do our best to help you complete the courses that you need to keep

Watch your mailbox for details on nominating one or more for MN Logger of the Year. The State Implementation Committee (SIC) will be sending nomination procedures later this month. I'll post the forms to the MLEP site as soon as they are released.


Lake States SICs complete FECV Assessment

In accordance with the requirements of the 2022 SFI Fiber Sourcing Standard, the SFI Implementation Committees of the Lake States (MI, MN and WI) worked cooperatively on an assessment of Forests of Exceptional Conservation Value (FECVs). Lists of Globally Critically Imperiled (G1) and Imperiled (G2) species and ecosystems were acquired from NatureServe for each state. Trained biologists and foresters reviewed each entry and evaluated the potential for forestry activities to impact the FECV (positively and/or negatively). The process resulted in focused lists of species and ecosystems that could benefit from additional education, information and mitigation to ensure their continued presence on the landscape. The SICs and SFI certified organizations will use this information to develop training materials and programs for wood producers, foresters, loggers and private non-industrial forest landowners within their fiber procurement regions. Find the Full assessment here.

MLEP Offices Moved

The lease on the space in Cloquet has ended. Dave lives in Duluth and Julie lives near Two Harbors. We have found economical space from ST Paper in the offices at their mill in Duluth.

New Address:

Minnesota Logger Education Program

100 N Central Ave

Duluth, MN 55807

We will keep virtual office hours: 8-5 M-F and will do our best to respond to calls and messages sent outside of business hours. If you are looking to catch us in person, call ahead to 218-879-5633. Our offices are in a secure part of the building. We can also be reached at

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Renew Early for 2023

We are beginning to receive renewal applications and payments. Registrations for 2023 courses cannot be accepted until renewal and payment has been made.

Reserve Your Spot for a Spring Conference

Visit to reserve your place for a spring Conference. MLEP hours will be on the first day and LogSafe on the second of each of these.

April 4-5 - Virginia, or

April 18-19 - Bemidji


Website Changes Coming

Our current database, website, and online learning platforms are all reaching "end-of-life." Finding replacement parts, specifically labor to keep them running has compelled us to invest in new equipment.

What to expect:

  • Launching in early 2023
  • Used by other logger training orgs
  • Transitioned online courses
  • New Online courses
  • Ability to update your own record
  • Real-time confirmations
  • Print/view your certification status
  • Real time access for mills and landowners
  • Timber Sales linked on the calendar
  • and more

Not keen on the "Do It Yourself" approach? We are just a phone call or email away and will be glad to register you, send you certification records, etc.

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