Best known for introducing Latin dancing to Jamaica, and teaching the many dance forms for the past

18 years, KEITH ANTHONY COUSINS is also a self-taught, accomplished sculptor.  When we heard about his sculptures and the unconventional materials he uses to create them, we were intrigued and found ourselves at his studio in Ocho Rios. Out of that visit came his first solo exhibition, Movement, Moments & Magic, which we were proud to open on June 6, 2024, at our OMG Gallery.


Tribal Gold, body filler, fibre glass, string.

Open until July 6, 2024, this Exhibition deserves a visit, and we invite you to come in and view! A delightful collection of statuettes and fragmentary figures, it is an engaging and compelling showcase of expressive sculptures that capture the energy and spirit of movement, primarily of the female body. Keith portrays natural, spontaneous poses from ‘real life’ with pieces such as: I saw her by the River, The towel - Time to Relax, Getting Dressed, and of course Tango, inspired by his love of dance. You will be fascinated by the unexpected materials used including body filler, glass fibre, driftwood, saltwater stone, shells, cord, clay and rusty metal.

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Riding the Wave, drift wood & clay.

Sleeping Rust Fairy, body filler and rusty metal.

A Man's Shirt, body filler.

Raised Torso, body filler, fibre glass & rusty metal.

Standing Still, body filler.

Getting Dressed, body filler & fibre glass.



Ken Abendana Spencer


Acrylic on Canvas

28 x 22"

ID #: 303230

Claudia Porges Beyer

"Floral Mosaic"


14 x 15.5"

ID #: 300685

Beverly Oliver

"Lady & Little Girl"

Oil Pastel

7 x 12"

ID #: 302058

Patrick Waldemar

"Scotch Bonnet"

Watercolour paper

10.75 x 15"

ID #: 301748

Nancy McDonald


Acrylic on Canvas

24 x 36"

ID #: 302845

Samere Tansley

"Still Life with Tangerine"

Print on Canvas/Giclee

16 x 13"

ID #: 303227

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