Bryan McFarlane, artist and professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (2020), teaching students how to paint during three workshops for 60 children aged 7-17years. These workshops were held in collaboration with the Institute of Jamaica Junior Centre on East Street in Kingston as part of The Olympia Gallery programme of events supporting the McFarlane exhibition Fragments of Time III: Boston, Beijing, and Jamaica. The three workshops held at the Gallery over three days, April 15-17, were made possible through the CHASE Fund, C.B. Facey Foundation and The Olympia Gallery.

Highlights of Artist Talk with Bryan McFarlane held at the Olympia Gallery on Saturday April 13th.


The Art of Framing

Think of a favourite painting you’ve seen in a gallery, even a piece hanging in your home…can you remember the frame? Chances are you can’t as we’re not used to seeing a frame - we are conscious of it but our focus is on the painting. 

Framing is often unnoticed, yet it's an integral part of art history and has evolved over time. Today we frame to protect, display and complement our paintings, but centuries ago frames were considered art as well…. READ MORE


Patrick Waldemar

"Purple Lady"

Watercolour on Paper

12.75 x 10"

ID #: 301749

Madison Addington

"Island Sophisticated"

Acrylic on Canvas

22 x 23"

ID #: 303146

Noel Whittingham

"Landscape with Rustic House"

Acrylic on Canvas

14 x 11"

ID #: 303236

Beverly Oliver

"Mom and Daughter"

Oil pastel on paper

9 x 10"

ID #: 302064

Aretha Facey Dennis

"Organic I"


7 x 23"

ID #: 301865

Chris Gonzalez

"Man& Woman in prayer/Meditation"

Watercolour on Paper

10 x 15"

ID #: 103445

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