October 2020
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Let's Catch Up
Welcome to the second issue of eHLbc's Vital Signs newsletter! Take a break and read on to find out what eHLbc has been up to this past year.
Supporting Libraries During COVID-19
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, libraries have had to move quickly to provide online modes of service delivery for users across the province. During the past several months, eHLbc ensured continuity of service by providing continued access to critical e-resources, troubleshooting access issues, and continuing to develop training and support materials.

In addition to renewing the Core Suite of Resources, eHLbc facilitated a complimentary upgrade to MEDLINE Complete in response to some of the challenges libraries have faced since the start of the pandemic. As the number of remote users increased, eHLbc troubleshooted access and authentication issues for Affiliate Members with vendors such as EBSCO, Ovid, and Primal Pictures. In addition, training and support needs were also addressed through the creation of a new in-depth guide on "Retrieving EBSCO MARC Records" from OCLC for eHLbc eBook collections, including a comprehensive how-to video, available here.

As we all adjust to this new "normal", eHLbc remains committed to facilitating the access of critical learning tools and resources for students, researchers, and practitioners across BC.
Your Voice Matters
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Member input is vital to ensuring the structure of eHLbc continues to fit the organization today.

As one example, feedback shared at the All Member Group meeting in November continues to resonate; the thoughts and ideas shared at that lively discussion were brought to the forefront once again during the eHLbc Management Committee meeting held virtually on June 6, 2020.
Led by a facilitator, the Management Committee carefully considered suggestions and pondered questions raised at the November meeting regarding different aspects of the Management Committee structure. After deliberating, the Management Committee incorporated changes into a refreshed Terms of Reference (TOR) that was shared with the All Member Group for additional feedback. The Management Committee will discuss responses to the refreshed TOR at its next meeting.
This iterative process ensures member contributions are captured, considered, and incorporated in meaningful ways. A sincere thank you to everyone for your thoughtful input during the November All Member Group meeting, and for the continued feedback on the refreshed TOR document. Your voices help shape the consortium. Stay tuned for more news of the updated TOR soon!
Virtual Learning Made Easy
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The delivery of quality health information continues to change and evolve, and eHLbc strives to provide access to innovative, cutting edge e-resources for students across the province. An example of this type of innovative e-resource is Primal Pictures Premier Human Anatomy Package, an anatomy learning tool containing research-proven adaptive learning techniques and an interactive format.

This resource contains various built-in features that allow users to interact with evidence-based 3D reconstructions of human anatomy, which they can now access on any device 24/7. Newly developed compatibility with modern browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox support diversified requirements, and dynamic 3D content can be seamlessly integrated into Learning Management Systems and Virtual Learning Environments.

This is a novel e-resource that makes virtual learning even easier for students and practitioners, and can now be offered with unlimited simultaneous users access for all eHLbc members at a greater than 95% discount, regardless of their previous subscription status. Late joins are welcome.

More information about the upgrade can be found – here.

Connect With Your Peers
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For the past several months, many of us have been working from home and have found a variety of tools and methods to stay connected with one another. We would like to offer another online tool as an option for eHLbc members to stay in touch with each other: the eHLbc Member Forum. The forum was officially launched in February to provide members with a space to communicate with their colleagues on topics of common interest in an informal environment. Consider paying the forum a visit and introduce yourself, chat about eHLbc e-resources, offer trouble-shooting tips, suggest new boutique licenses, or anything else you want to say. Let’s connect with one another.

The forum can be accessed – here
The FAQ page can be accessed – here

As always, members are welcome to send an email to forums@ehlbc.ca for additional technical support.

Getting to Know Reba Ouimet, eHLbc Licensing Coordinator
Reba Ouimet, eHLbc Licensing Coordinator
As you may know, Reba Ouimet is our new licensing coordinator, having joined us this past March. She is coordinating and promoting eHLbc licensing services. We recently had a Q+A with Reba - virtually of course! Read on to learn about Reba and the work she does for eHLbc.

Q: What type of projects are you currently working on for eHLbc?

A: We’ve spent some time recently on administrative tasks in order to make the workflow smoother in the future. Currently, we are working on maintenance in the back end and reorganizing the eHLbc renewal assignments. COVID has slowed some of our progress, but in the [hopefully] near future, we are looking into putting out the eHLbc eBox and Ranking Survey again to see what resources our members are interested in.

Q: What has it been like to join an organization while working from home? Have there been any upsides/downsides during this experience?

A: It’s been interesting to say the least! Luckily other BC ELN/eHLbc staff members have been very supportive and communicative throughout the whole process. Of course, I’ve never been inside the physical workspace but we have weekly meetings with fun activities for staff that help keep us connected as a team. A definite upside of working from home is the short commute, and it seems like things move a bit faster when everything is online. I have a much easier time scheduling meetings than before!

Q: What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

A: People may not know that I LOVE the holidays and decorate my apartment completely for each one. I have separate boxes in storage for all of my decorations (one per holiday) and like to have holiday-themed dinner parties for all of my friends. Halloween decorations are coming out any day now!

Management Committee for 2020-2021
As of October 1st, the Management Committee members for 2020-2021 are:

Past Chair – Julie Creaser

Chair – Trish Rosseel

Vice-Chair – TBA (to be elected at the winter meeting)

Post-Secondary Sector Representatives – April Haddad, Debbie Schachter

Health Sector Representatives – Kenneth McFarlan, Brooke Scott

Affiliate Sector Representative – Carol MacFarlane