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Saturday, November 13, 2010

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About Tomorrow's 10 am Healing Service

Tomorrow's 10 am worship is a Celebration of Wholeness and Healing.

Healing is the process of becoming the person God created us to be. Wholeness and healing happen as we invite God's presence into our lives. Prayers for healing are simply putting oneself in an attitude and position where one is open to receive God deeper into one's life.

Healing is holistic. It involves the body, emotions, mind, and spirit of a person. And not only that, it involves all of one's relationships with others and creation.

With that understanding of healing, we can see that Eucharist is also a healing service. Both services focus on healing the wounds that separate us from God, from each other, and that exist within ourselves.

Thus, coming to the rail for healing prayers in this service has much the same function as coming for the elements in the Eucharistic service.
Prayer Requests

Please use the Prayer Request Book at the rear of the nave to have persons included in the Sunday bulletin Prayer List and for prayers this week. Make sure you have the person's permission to list him or her.

Prayer RequestsPlease keep these people in your prayers for their special needs: Maureen Back, Al Berghausen, Ruth Bertram, Dean Bryeans, Irene Bryeans, Malcolm Daniel, Jean Cavalieri, Phillis Dietz, Jim Edgy, Erik, Alison, Alexis & Nathanael Handy, Joshua, Caleb, Anne & Darryl Handy, Judy & Walter Handy, Polly Hager Family, Kim Hermann and family, Marjorie and Faisal , Elizabeth Kelly, Carol Lyon, Kim Martin, Robb Martin, Shelly Martin, John Kakande Mukasa, Madeena Nolan, Pete Staples, Steve, Barbara Todd, Toussaint Thrower & Family, Karen Van Wagenen, Joseph Black, Families and friends of Jackie and Rosie.

If you need pastoral care or know of someone who does, please call or email the office (513-541-2415, Please keep us informed about about illness, hospital stays, requests for visits, communion, and prayers for special concerns. Help us to serve you.
Thank YouThanks to ...

... everyone who redecorated, repainted and recarpeted the Nursery/Sunday School room. It looks great!

... Chuck Bowles for donating altar flowers on those Sundays when no one has signed up to give flowers.

... to all who attended the recent ice cream social and to those who donated, setup and cleaned up for the event, especially Wanda Miller, Marjorie Shadd, Judy Handy and J White.

... all who heal the sick and poor in spirit in their daily ministries.

... Hawley Todd for creating and leading tomorrow's Celebration of Wholeness and Healing.

... Tony Denbo, Jeff Goddard, Wanda Miller, Marjorie Shadd, Maria and David Mukasa, Phyllis Dietz and Ruth Bertram for the lovely birthday party for Elizabeth Kelly on a recent Sunday.

... Jonathan Tan for donating a phone for the study.

... more unsung heroes such as the Flower Guild: Chuck Bowles, Carol Lyon and Wanda Miller; and our Healing Ministers: J. White, Hawley Todd and Fr. Ray Betts.

... to Roger Perna and Marjorie Shadd for manning the prayer shawl drawing table inside the lower Belmont door on election day. They met and spoke with many College Hill folks (over 200 people). Marjorie had the shawl draped on a large teddy bear which was eye-catching and Ken Lyon made some wonderful signs. Many people signed up for the drawing.

... Roger and Belinda Perna and Mary McLain for making lunch and directing the parolees during their community service day in October.

Letter from Jackie Lewis' Family

Dear David, Marjorie and all our Family at Grace Church:

Thank you so much for all of your love, prayer, support and hard work in the days following mom's passing. In our confused and bereaved state, we felt truly blessed to have such a wonderful extended family step up and take on the burden of planning and implementing so many of the arrangements. Your genuine expressions of love for Mom were a powerful testimony to the effect she had on so many people, and were a great comfort to us. Your love and unconditional support have, and continue to give us strength to face the difficult times facing us, and we could never have made it this far without you.

Steve, Kimberly, Katherine, Simon and Samuel Herrmann
Coming Events

  • Sunday, November 14, 10 am: Celebration of Wholeness and Healing
  • Monday, November 15, 6 pm: Prayer & Meditation Group.
  • Wednesday, November 17, 6 pm: Mission Council Meeting.
  • Friday, November 19, 11:30 am: Prayer & Meditation Group.
  • Sunday, November 21: Bake Sale after church by the Sunday School.
  • Monday, November 22, 6 pm: Prayer & Meditation Group.
  • Friday, November 26, 11:30 am: Prayer & Meditation Group.
  • Sunday, November 28: First Sunday of Advent.
  • Sunday, January 2, 10 am: Bishop Breidenthal visitation.
For a complete calendar, see here.

If there are errors in this listing, or in the online calendar, please email
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Following up on advice giving at a recent Parish Best Practices workshop at Procter, we've created a Facebook page for Grace Church, to supplement our web site and eGraceNotes. Learning how to effectively use this page is a learning experience. Join the experience!

Find us on Facebook

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Grace Goals Focus on Participation, Inclusion, Spirituality and Healing

Mission Council has approved goals for Grace church. They are:

  1. Increase participation and inclusion of those seeking God within the ministries of Grace church.
  2. Develop and practice ways of bringing deeper spirituality and healing into the lives of our parishioners and our neighbors.

These goals were formed from the responses that the Common Ministry committee received from parishioners in surveys and workshop this past year.

Implementation of these goals will be the work of the newly-constituted Mission and Formation teams. The teams are:

  • Christian Formation led by Ken Lyon and Roger Perna
  • Evangelism/Membership led by J. White
  • Outreach led by Mary McLain and Grace Staples
  • Pastoral Care led by Marjorie Shadd
  • Worship led by Judy Handy

Carol Lyon and Hawley Todd will convene meetings of the team leaders. The first meeting of team leaders--called the Mission and Formation Team--will be before the end of November. If you have ideas for the teams or wish to help please let the team leader know.

Wednesday's Healing Service Was Special

Here are a couple of quotes from folks who attended last Wednesday's Celebration of Wholeness and Healing.

I couldn't believe my eyes when we stopped last night and it was 10:30!

What stamina, what beauty, what patience, what love, what grace, what devotion, what reverence, what endurance, what Loving Energy was poured out and filled to overflowing in Grace Church last night!

I wish I could tell everyone who was there my HUGE thanks and joy. And, having the pews facing the drummers and quilts was superb!


Last evening was very, very special, and the pews facing the action added to the atmosphere immensely. Thanks to those who made it happen.

I had Reiki and healing prayer done on my back last evening and it instantly felt much better and that wellness continues today.

My hope is that more folks from Grace will be open to coming sometime in the future. Would be great to have more crossover on both Sunday and the Wednesday healing services.

Tomorrow (Sunday) our 10 am worship will be a Celebration of Wholeness and Healing taken from the Irish Book of Common Prayer. Healing prayers and laying on of hands for healing will be available to all who wish it.
IHN Needs Rain Gear for Adults & Children

Interfaith Hospitality Network is seeking gently used rain gear for adults and children such as: umbrellas, raincoats, ponchos, and boots. If you have items to donate see Grace Staples.
Wanted: Sunday School Helpers

Virginia Chapel writes:

We need Sunday school helpers. I can commit to every other Sunday, but we need help for the weeks that I can not be here. I can prepare and leave material for you to use. Contact me at 513-522-5893.

Altar Flowers Enhance our Worship

In the Episcopal Church, the beauty of our worship surroundings has always been important--thus the flower arrangements that decorate our altars.

You can contribute to the beauty of our worship and, if you'd like, honor a person or persons, by contributing flowers for the altar. They will be arranged beautifully by members of the Flower Guild.

The cost of flowers is $35 per Sunday. There's a signup sheet on a table in the church, or click here to schedule your Sunday and make your contribution online.

Note that we do not use flowers on our altars during the advent season (the four Sundays starting November 28.
Health & Wellness: Should You Get A Shingles Shot?

Shingles, also called herpes zoster, is a painful rash caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Once a person has had chickenpox, the virus can live, but remain inactive, in certain nerve roots within the body. If it becomes active again, usually later in life, it can cause Shingles. Shingles is marked by a painful blistering rash that can appear anywhere on the body. It is hard to predict who is likely to develop Shingles and once diagnosed how long it will take to clear up.

At the present time the immunization is expensive [$220 at Walgreens, for example] but some health care plans do cover must of the cost. Speak to your doctor to determine if you should have the shot and then contact your insurance company to discuss how much of the fee will be reimbursable.

Marjorie Shadd, MSW

News of People

Jim Edgy was in Hospice for a short time, but is now at home at a new address: 1775 East McMillan, 45206. He enjoys visits. His phone is the same: 513-872-0045.


Jane Strohmeier
recently won 2nd place in an International Sculpture Show in Louisville, KY, for sight impaired artists (both amateur and professional). A Hilltop Press article by Joyce Rogers contains this about Jane:

Jane ... always had an in interest in art ... She remembers one art teacher in college who never made one positive comment about her work. ... The joke is on that teacher. Jane has recently won five prizes for her art work.

Jane is adventurous ... She feels good about who she is when she walks confidently into Grace Episcopal Church or into her water aerobics class at the YMCA. Jane no longer drives a car and no longer reads sheet music, but she has made many new friends and has found new ways of enjoying her life.

  • Jane began losing her vision since the 1970s ... At first she felt lost and alone and stuck in her house. Then, she made a decision: she began venturing out and meeting other people whom she in the normal course of matters would never meet.
  • Jane learned that two dimensional art was not the only kind of art. She took sculpture lessons at Clovernook Center for the Blind. In October, she went to Louisville to display her sculpture of "Reginald," an aristocratic giraffe and to collect her prize money and award for winning second place in the American Printing House for the Blind InSights Art Competition.
Pictured is "Natures Bag" by Jane that won an honorable mention in 2001. Click the picture for more information.

We received a very nice telephone call from Mary Lou Bellows thanking everyone at Grace Church for thinking of her. She received one of our postcards (created by Ken and mailed out by MarjorieShadd ) telling her that we would be glad to pick her up and give her a ride to church. Even though her health will not allow her to do this at this time, she still was touched by the fact that we care. I'm sure that many others that received one of these postcards are also thrilled to get it even though they did not pick up the phone and call us. Let's continue to find opportunities to keep up the good work and spread the good news.
Forward Movement Pamphlets Offer Advent and Christmas Guidance

Judy Handy writes:

If you're looking for some extra guidance with your journey into the Advent and Christmas seasons, take a look at the Forward Movement pamphlets we can order. There are information sheets on the back and side tables at the church, or see here.

We have to act fast, so please let the office or Judy Handy (513-681-5829, know by this Tuesday, November 16, what you'd like. (No need to pay 'til they arrive).

Our Cathedral Offers Hildegard of Bingen and the Living Light

Christ Church Cathedral Presents Hildegard of Bingen and the Living Light, a one-woman play written and performed by international mezzo soprano Linn Maxwell, on Friday, December 3, at 7 pm.

The performance is free and open to the public, but a good will offering will be collected to benefit Cincinnati area charities that serve the needs of women.

For more information go here.

Joseph Beth Book Sale Benefits Episcopal Ministries

Plan your Christmas book shopping for November 18 and 19 at Joseph Beth's Rookwood store in the Rookwood Mall in Cincinnati. 20% of your bookstore purchase will go to the Episcopal Community Services Foundation for grants aiding parish and community ministries that provide food, shelter, tutoring, job coaching and more in the year ahead. ECSF is your homegrown charity aiding Episcopal churches to meet urgent human needs in Ohio.

You can use the coupon linked here or simply pick one up at the check-out counter in at Joseph Beth on the days of the sale.
Prayer and Meditation Twice Weekly at Grace

Weekday prayer and meditation is now offered twice weekly at Grace. The purpose of the prayer group is to assist us in learning God's will for us as we continue our ministry. Location for the day will be listed on the church office door.

Please join us for a half hour on Mondays at 6 PM, and Wednesdays at noon except on Wednesday before Thanksgiving (11/24) when it will be held on Friday (11/26) at noon.

Sing! Sing! Sing!

The choir needs more members for Advent Sundays and Christmas Eve. Please let any choir member know if you are willing.
Here Comes the Bishop! Here Comes the Bishop!

We're starting off the new year on January 2 with a visit from Bishop Breidenthal himself.

Junior Warden Wanda Miller promises a brunch fit for a Bishop following our 10 am service.

Mark your calendar so you don't miss meeting this interesting man.
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