St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church

Blue Hill ~ Maine

May 21, 2024

"Now is the time to celebrate the very miracle that is living-"

(a line from the message below by the Rev. Douglas Beck)

May 20, 2024

Dear Church,

With The Day of Pentecost now past, and the next liturgical season of Advent months ahead, this season after Pentecost may be call the "Season of Now."

Because Christ has died, is risen, with Advent that marks his coming again months from now, welcome to the Season of Now.

Now is the time to live the lives worthy of God’s call to us through all of God’s deeds. Now is the season to welcome others to St. Francis in a spirit of inclusive hospitality. Now is the time to give thanks for all that is and continues to be good. Now is the time to share in God’s blessings as the beautiful community that we are ever becoming. Now is the time to celebrate the very miracle that is living.

I love how the Season of Now is summarized in a beautiful Eucharistic poem by Jaroslav J. Vajda set to music that is Hymn 333 in our hymnal.

Now the silence

Now the peace

Now the empty hands uplifted

Now the kneeling

Now the plea

Now the Father’s arms in welcome

Now the hearing

Now the power

Now the vessel brimmed for pouring

Now the Body

Now the Blood

Now the joyful celebration

Now the wedding

Now the songs

Now the heart forgiven leaping

Now the Spirit’s visitation

Now the Son’s epiphany

Now the father’s blessing




May everything about this Community that is St. Francis (the unity of all who gather) reflect the “now” celebrated around our altar every Sunday.

May this be true for us.


We pray for our loved ones:

Mary Boyd, Bill Cary, Cynthia, Bill Casale, Cynthia, Kathy Caudill, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry+, Julia, David McBeth, Karlton, Lorelei McKinnon, Ronan, Dinny Robson, Claudia Smith, Donny Smith, Rod Smith, Peggy Smith, Robert Tobin, Tracey Hair, and Persis Williams. 

For those with May Birthdays: Abby Martin, Elaine MacLean,

Sarah Everdell, Mary Ann Taylor, Marilyn Heinemann, Dennis DeSilvey, John Paul LaLonde, Frances Natchez, Donny Smith, Carla Rosenzweig, Susan Schneider, Sidney Peck, Jane Nesbitt.

From our Senior Warden-

Greetings All,

"It's been a busy Spring with lots of good events keeping us going in the right direction.

What a fun birthday celebration on Sunday. The cakes were beautiful and sooooo yummy. Thank you all of you bakers.

The Vestry and Discernment committee held a (belated) welcome potluck for Douglas and Tom. It was a nice gathering and reminds us how important community gatherings can be. 

We are working on a few events for late Spring and Summer so watch for details in the bulletin and eClare.

The water problems at church are keeping us busy and I want to thank you for your patience. Getting plumbers is a challenge. I'm keeping this brief so that I can follow up on a few leads. Say a prayer!!

God bless each and every one and enjoy this lovely weather."


St. Francis News and Future Events
The Rector is available by appointment or by chance Monday through Thursday most weeks at church, your home or business. He is available for pastoral emergencies and hospital visits at any time. To arrange time with him contact him directly by leaving a message on x15 of the church voicemail system, by e-mail to, by text or call using his mobile number located in the St. Francis Members/Friends List.
Spring Clean-Up --Saturday, June 8th 9:00am - 12 noon. Please join us as we spruce up the church after a very long winter! Rain date, June 15th. Lunch will be provided.
Summer Sunday Schedule returns on June 16 until August 17 with the return of the early Rite I said service at 8:00 AM. 
 Weekly Summer Bible Conversation begins on June 16 at 9:00 AM on the Gospel of Mark at 9:00 AM in the Rector’s Study.
Organ Benefit Concert for Outreach on Tuesday, June 18, at 7:00 PM. A free will offering will be received to assist in St. Francis’ community outreach. The Outreach Committee will be on hand to share about this work. A reception will follow. Bring a friend!
 Potluck Dinner (5:30 PM) and Ceilidh on Tuesday, July 9 (7:00 PM). Bring your favorite casserole for dinner and/or your Celtic dancing feet for a fun midsummer gathering for the entire community.
 St. Francis’ Annual Parish meeting will take place on Sunday, August 25 on immediately following the 10:00 AM service.


(Tuesday, June 18, 7 PM)

A very special concert, more gifting by our own Rev. Douglas Beck

From Outreach Chair, Sarah Everdell:

We are all invited, along with all of our neighbors and friends, to St. Francis Church on Tuesday, June 18th at 7:00 p.m. when The Rev. Douglas Beck will give an organ concert as a fundraiser for the programs of St. Francis Outreach.

Thank you, Mary Hartley, from the very beginnings of St. Francis Church. You are the perfect example of Rev. Beck's "Now".

A Message from Mary, a spiritual anchor of St. Francis Church:

"From the beginning to now, the church and its mission have been formed by the loving hands and hearts of the people who came together as one body. Many times over the years when I've entered the church, the presence of the Holy Spirit has been palpable. St. Francis is my spiritual home, and I am just one of many who feel the same way. The invitation, 'you are welcomed here at God's table' is the essence of St. Francis, the essence of our Faith."

The photo above was taken when Mary was St. Francis Fair Chair She chaired the Fair more than once, more than twice!

Here are just a few examples of who Mary has been over the years: Chair of the Search Committee (Allan) and on Search Committee (Claudia), St. Francis Community Fund Board (funded some smaller projects for a year or so--VHJR, Zero to Three, Faith in Action, then partnered with Community in Action and Sedgwick School, to initiate the first Head Start program at the Sedgwick School.) "The church originally funded $15K and continued forward until our remaining money, estimated at $140,000, ran out." Mary championed that effort along with Ralph Siewers (really, Pam). Mary washed the diapers and laundry from the Center weekly.

Mary was on the Vestry twice. She taught Sunday School, served on the Flower Guild, continues to serve the Chalice, is a Licensed Reader, and was on the Cleaning team that cleaned the church once a week.

She took donated out-of-date fresh produce from TradeWinds to HOME, went on Home visits and is a Lay Eucharistic Minister.

Along with James Swartz, Mary forced a modification in a proposed Diocesan policy regarding coverage demanded by national insurance program to actually make a difference in prevention of abuse.

Mary continues to be an active member of St. Francis' Outreach Committee. She often serves at the altar and is an "energizer bunny", delivering Sunday flowers to those who simply love to see her walk through the door for a visit. We are all so grateful for her gifts.

From Kathy DeSilvey-

"An exciting program sponsored by the BTS Center, Lexington Theological Seminary in Lexington, Kentucky, and the Creation Justice Center is taking place this Wednesday evening May 22 from 7- 8:30. 

Kathleen Hayhoe, pictured here, a renowned Climate Scientist and fellow believer, will be leading a group exploring "Collective Honest and Divided Hope: An Evening with Kathering Hayhoe. The NY TIMES calls her the "United Nations Champion of the Earth."

Google BTS CENTER and click on programming, and you will find a feast. You can click on the Hayhoe Program, read about it, and then register for what promises to be a rich evening.

Registration is $15, but scholarships are available on the this website.

Cakes and Pancakes-two weeks in a row!

St. Francis Summer Parishioners and Friends!