“In the quiet of the evening, we reflect on the year’s journey, grateful for the memories painted in the canvas of the setting sun.” (author unknown)

St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church

Blue Hill ~ Maine

January 2, 2024

A Special New Year for St. Francis by the Sea

Warm welcome to The Rev. Douglas Beck!

If you missed it, the following is an introductory message from Father Beck which appeared in last Sunday's bulletin: Dear Ones

A Fun Coming Event!

Saturday, January 6th -- A Casual Welcome Pizza Party

Please let Milissa LaLonde (469-2155 or by email) know if you will be attending our casual welcome pizza party around a bonfire for Douglas and Tom. She needs to know how much pizza we will need.

We will gather, greet and eat while we sing carols. Feel free to bring a dessert to share.

We Pray for our loved ones:

Mary Boyd, Cynthia, Kathy Caudill, Allison Eaton, Kate Hanisco, Krisi Holland, Chris Koch, Lorelei McKinnon, Ronan, Dinny Robson, Donny Smith, Carolyn Taylor, Robert Tobin and Persis Williams.  

"Life’s persistent and most urgent question is,

'What are you doing for others?"

(Martin Luther King)

St. Francis Church has experienced an extraordinary season of gifting-even for a church where Outreach so much describes "who our church is". The gifts above were picked up by The Emmaus Shelter. Their van drivers were amazed by the number of gifts as they made trip after trip to their van. Parishioners of St. Francis Church deserve huge thank you's for a tradition which has been on-going more than twenty years.

Dozens of gifts were brought to the church for a local family of two adults and their five children. The gifts from St. Francis parishioners included several much needed gas cards for numerous medical appointments, Hannaford gift cards for food, an electric train, a camera, new age-appropriate books for all, new shoes, games and stocking- stuffers and so much more including many individual gifts of cash for family needs.

Even as St. Francis Church is so used to Outreach Gifting, it was an extraordinary outpouring which will last well into the new year. The father of this family was truly overwhelmed and a message from Mom included these words.

"Christmas was a great success. The children were so excited! They loved all their presents! I am so grateful for everything the church has done for us. You guys are truly amazing."

The homeless shelter (H.O.M.E) received not only another wave of 60/$25 Hannaford gift cards, but Christmas came to the shelter with five brand new bikes donated by one of our St. Francis summer parishioners.

-and we said Good-bye to our beloved Interims

From the two of them-

"It has been a pleasure to be part of the life of St. Francis for the past six months as the parish's co-interim Rector(s). We have enjoyed getting to know you, serving with Lorna and Carlton and others on Sundays, working with Barbara, and the ongoing guidance and warmth of wardens Milissa and Prudy, treasurer Kevin, and the Vestry. All this and more in supporting the life and spirit of St. Francis during this time of transition to your new rector. (Welcome Fr. Douglas!) We thank you. We'll look forward to seeing you down the road on Deer Isle, in Blue Hill, or on occasion up on Hinckley Ridge Rd! 

Peace and blessings, The Revs. Donna Downs and Andrew Stoessel"

(The pleasure was all ours!)

Happy New year all!