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NEW Series: Collective Health

Thanks to new underwriting from Minneapolis Foundation, we are able to begin deeper work on how media and community can work together to tell the stories of domestic violence before it becomes traditional headline news. Our gender-based violence stories and conversations recently won a community service award from the Minnesota Newspaper Association. We have been working with statewide community members and will have more to share this week.

We have been developing a conversation circle guide that will be tested with focus groups, starting with signups at the April 13 event.

We want to discuss in community groups statewide how gender-based violence, and gun violence, can become topics of public discussion and response before it becomes a crisis on the front page. The killing this week of three emergency responders in Burnsville, with seven children trapped in the home, is the latest headline news. In this case the perpetrator was known to the courts as a violent man and was not allowed to have a gun, but did.

Day #1 headline

Day #2 headline

Some of the questions media and communities can develop impactful stories about, before and after crisis, include:

  • What is being done in community to help children, and people who know them, recover from the trauma of witnessing violence in the home?
  • How have past survivors of domestic abuse been helped in community with others? In what ways did they not have to carry the burden alone? What do we need more of to deal with the ongoing crisis of domestic violence?
  • Where do people, like the man in Burnsville, who are prevented from legally getting guns and ammunition, get them?
  • What kind of "anger management" classes did the Burnsville man take, and how effective is that as rehabilitation, which he offered in his attempt to regain legal possession of firearms in 2020 (an appeal that was denied by judge Dannia Edwards)?
  • What are the steps community can take to help avert this kind of crisis?

If you would like to become part of the exploration of what can lead to more effective community responses, and how to take headlines into action that can authentically improve community safety, please join the April 13 discussion (available online and in person) as a Badass member.

If You Are Not Yet a Member, Join Today!

Highest Known Number of Minnesotans Killed from Domestic Violence in 2023

Violence Free Minnesota hosted the annual memorial for 39 known victims.

Read about the victims

Ecolution: Evolving Economies and Ecosystems

Thanks to Seward Co-op for making our Ecolution series possible

Factory Farms Growing at Taxpayer and Climate Expense — But Minnesota Bucking Some National Trends

The Guardian indicated that Food and Water Watch analysis found that 24,000 factory farms are producing 940 billion pounds of manure each year — double the amount of sewage produced by the entire U.S. population. This is 52 billion pounds more in greenhouse gas-emitting concentrated manure than in 2017, the equivalent to creating a new city of 39 million habitants in the past five years.

There is some good news about Minnesota small farmers, however.

Equity Series

thanks to African American Leadership Forum

Obscured Black Underground Railroad Leader Discovered in Saint Paul's Past by Local Historian

"Saint Paul may have been a more important stop on the Underground Railroad than previously thought."

Diversity in Politics

Thanks to Women Winning for supporting this series

Minnesota Women Central in Discussions About Ukraine

"One of the key shifts in a successful peace process is the inclusion of women in all parts of the process from the very earliest point. These deals [do not] hold if you don’t have everyone at the table. And they don’t hold for sure if you don’t have women in the process."

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, law professor at the University of Minnesota

End-of-Life-Options Act testimony

Chokehold restraint in schools debate

Mental Health

coverage thanks to Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health

Dr. Catherine Squires shares a commentary about her experience as a Black woman in academia.

Badass Member Event

Connecting engaged feminists who care

about solutions and action

"39 Years of Voice & Vision"

April 13, 2024

Bringing Badass members statewide together to talk about

solutions to gender-based violence,

re-imagining public safety,

diversity in politics, and collective health.

Members have received their ballots to vote for

Badass Minnesotans of the Year

and there are 6 clear winners so far!

If you are a member and missed your ballot, reach out.

If You Are Not Yet a Member, Join Today!

At the event, we will:

1) Unveil a discussion guide about public safety — including how to adjust responses to issues of gender-based violence.

2) Talk about diverse candidates around the state who are running and tend not to have the same support as candidates in the Twin Cities.

3) Plan steps toward improving Collective Health — mentally, physically, environmentally, economically.

Other April 13 Details

Junauda Petrus, newly named Minnesota Book Awards finalist for her storybook, "Can We

Please Give the Police Department to the Grandmothers?," will

do a reading.

Spoken word artist Muna Abdulahi will perform.

"The truth is, to be a woman in a space that was not built for you is to know how to build space with your bare hands, to demand the attention of any room you step into."

Deneal Trueblood-Lynch and some of her cast will read from her play, "Secrets," about the trauma that impacts a majority of women at the Shakopee Women's Prison.

Stories Supported by Community

Thanks to Badass membership for making this content possible

The Foundation of Housing

Assistant Attorney General Katherine Kelly on how the state protects renters

Solving Issues With the Unhoused: A Conversation With Rinal Ray

The State of Minnesota Housing

Land Trusts and Co-ops

Legacy Series

MWP is uplifting select pieces from our 39-year archive with a focus on longstanding issues.

From "Standing Up For Themselves" (1992)

Walker talked to other residents and found others who were “Section 8” tenants. Most were single mothers, and a few were differently abled. They too had apparently been told their leases wouldn’t be renewed. 

Brooklyn Park residents Diana Walker (left) and Cynthia Buford (right) fought for their homes and won. 

Bulletin Board Supported by Badass Members

  • Do you want to see at a glance what Minneapolis councils and boards are talking about? Check out the Documenters newsletter (one of our media partners).

  • Community Journalism Trainings, hosted by a media partner. February 17, March 8, and March 16. Find details here.

this video was part of our award-winning social media campaign

Minnesota Women's Press was recognized by the Minnesota Newspaper Association for six 2023 awards in photography (including first place for the River Stories cover below), social media campaign, Best Magazine article, and Community Service Leadership for our gender-based violence coverage.

Read our news story

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