Another computer motherboard for your consideration (German made =U.S. friendly and not subject to "made in China" tariffs). FYI, just listed on our website the following new model:
Size: ATX
Chipset: Intel X299
CPU support: Intel® Core™ i9 X-Series Processor or Core i7 X-Series, up to 18 cores @ 3.00 GHz, see Note* on Skylake-X
Extended LifeCycle Series, min 5 years lifecycle without any changes, more info
Data sheet of motherboard:
Optional WiFi/Bluetooth
Optional chassis
2-year warranty
Note* on Skylake-X: “Skylake, which came to be known as Intel’s 6th generation of desktop CPUs. These chips also used the 14nm manufacturing process, and had model names such as Core i5-6600K and Core i7-6700. However, Skylake is also the name of the underlying microarchitecture used by Intel’s 7th generation of desktop processors, Kaby Lake (Core i5-7350K and Core i7-7600K, etc), and even the current 8th Gen, Coffee Lake. It’s also set to form the basis of Intel’s next set of processors, which are currently codenamed Ice Lake.” Continue reading at

D3598-G allows you to take advantage of:
-Attractive pricing for currently promoted Intel® Core-X-Series Processors
-Improved competitiveness against AMD Ryzen
-Further attractive overall cost due to U-DIMM usage instead of ECC R-DIMMs
-Lower Microsoft Windows license fees
-High popularity gained from gaming and consumer market
Again, as Fujitsu’s exclusive tech support & selling channel in the U.S., we at Impact will be happy to send you a board for free for evaluation. Other board sizes, industrial grade boards are found on our website. (What “Industrial” means from Fujitsu: )
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