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When we're not in the office you can find us on the porch. Taking a call, a coffee, or a stretch; a porch is important. We're scrolling through some of our favorite porches below.

The new Annapolis Home Magazine is out and we're the cover story, "Marshland Modernity." This is a house with no yard and relies on an extensive porch for outdoor living over the marsh.

Last month, The Washingtonian gave their Washingtonian Award for Multi-family Residential Design to us! Check out the OSLO Apartment and congrats fo
Ditto Residential and GC Harbor Builders - we share this win with you.

This month Home and Design Magazine interviewed Mark for, "Seaside Oasis," about our favorite Bethany Beach House project. Summer is off to a great start.

McInturff Architects
We are passionate about building in wild environments. The featured porches below span nearly 20 years of outdoor design. On a hill, in a marsh, with a pool or just a porch, we will build outdoors, anywhere.
" MARSHLAND MODERNITY " by Renee Houston Zemanski
“It’s unbelievably beautiful. You’ve got these grasses, tall and always moving, and there’s the long view out to the bay. The more time I spent there, the more I thought, ‘this is one of the most beautiful spots I ever worked on."
 - Mark McInturff, excerpt from the June 2019 issue of Annapolis Home Magazine .

Read more about the 440-square-foot screened porch with a two-story galvanized steel column, constructed with wood, cedar and glass skylights.

We are pleased to announce that our recently completed V Street Project, OSLO A partment by D itto Residential  and GC Harbor Builders won a  Washingtonian Award for M ulti-family Residential. T he units are wrapped around an inner courtyard that opens to the alley and the sky.
"SEASIDE OASIS" by Sharon Jaffe Dan
"The duo envisioned an airy, modern abode that would play well with its traditional neighbors. A friend’s referral led them to architect Mark McInturff. “When we met Mark and saw his work, his focus on symmetry and clean lines spoke to us."
Excerpt from " Seaside Oasis" in the July/August 2019 issue of Home and Design Magazine.

Mark's recent sketch from a view of a market in Morocco.
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