February 10, 2023

We are still basking in the beautiful artwork you all are sharing from Zentangle Project Pack No.19. We cannot thank you enough for joining us on this journey through Zentomology. The more we dove into this project, the more we found that the possibilities are endless. If you have not yet, please share your PP19 on Zentangle Mosaic using the hashtag #12DaysofZentangle2022 so we can all enjoy!
"The shading has been so absorbing. The pondering to add some more or not is endless. I have never felt more like an artist. Thank you HQ for this wonderful journey. It has given birth to #pouyanglets and so many favourites. Definitely an underwater tree. It could belong in the new Avatar adventure."

"It was my first big work. At first, I was worried whether I could do it. But as I continued to draw, it became more fun and after drawing all day, my hand developed tendonitis, so I took a break for a while. The pain subsided, so I continued to draw and finished it in 20 days! ️ I'm very happy. Thank you to everyone on the Zentangle team."

Now, as we look forward to all the possibilities that this year has to offer, we are sharing a few announcements with you!

Zentangle Project Pack No. 20
Loved by both new and seasoned tanglers, Zentangle Project Packs are a curated collection of supplies that pair with a series of online tutorials. Each series has a theme that overlaps specific tangling techniques with philosophical musings. Tangle along with Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly and others from Zentangle HQ as they guide you through each lesson, unleashing the inner artist in all of us.
In our previous Zentangle Project Pack, we studied the concept of Zentomology, the system of categorizing the various characteristics of tangles and their relationships with other tangles within the study and practice of the Zentangle Method. In this very playful approach, we learned about and explored tangle genuses, which are categories of tangles with common characteristics. In Project Pack No. 20 we will take a deep dive into the tangle genus of blossoming tangles. Join us on yet another tangled journey, as we create beautiful compositions with carefully curated tools featuring these graceful, exciting tangles.
Zentangle Project Pack No. 20
Zentangle Project Pack No. 20 videos will be released every other day beginning March 17, 2023 via our newsletter, website and YouTube channel.

Remember, part of the fun of the Zentangle Project Pack Series is the element of surprise. Please refrain from sharing or posting photos of the contents prior to the release of the videos. Thank you!
Custom Zentangle Jigsaw Puzzle
Challenge your puzzle solving skills with this stunning custom jigsaw puzzle from the creators of the Zentangle Method. Original artwork by Rick and Maria displays dozens of tangles and tangleations to get lost in for hours. This 1000-piece puzzle measures 19 1/2” x 26 5/8” when assembled.

Zentangle Custom Jigsaw Puzzle – Tangle Wheel
A Weekend at Kripalu
Join Molly Hollibaugh and Martha Huggins as they guide you through process behind deconstructing and creating "seed tangles". 

Register here or email martha@zentangle.com with any questions
2023 CZT Seminars
United States

CZT #40: April 4-7, 2023
English Only

CZT #41: September 22-24, 2023
English Only

please email martha@zentangle.com with any questions about seminars in the US

CZT Asia #21: April 13-16, 2023
Mandarin Only.

please email info@cwlinc.com.tw with any questions about seminars in Asia


CZT-EU #7: October 19-22, 2023
German, English, Spanish and French options available.

please email team@conzentric.art with any questions about seminars in Europe
Thank you!

Thank you all for being a part of this exciting Zentangle adventure!

Rick, Maria, Martha and Molly and everyone here at ZTHQ!

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