April 26, 2019

We have been keeping a "secret" for a while, but now we can share it with you.

CZT, Dr. Eleanore Miller, (aka "DrEllie" on the Zentangle Mosaic app), together with a team of medical students at the American University of the Caribbean, have presented a compelling study on the benefits of the Zentangle Method to reduce anxiety.

We've know about this study for a while, but couldn't share it until it was presented. We are thrilled now to be able to announce this important milestone in our Zentangle adventure.

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Zentangle Method Reduces Anxiety
Among Medical Students

Chelsea Roundtree (left) and Narois Nehru (right) present the results of the study, led by AUC’s Dr. Somphone Schwarzer, at the Resilience Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on April 14, 2019.

The study showed conclusive benefits of a Zentangle practice on reducing anxiety in medical students.

While this is not a surprise to anyone who has practiced the Zentangle Method, many people place great value on these studies.
This study also established a road map for future studies into the benefits of the Zentangle Method. Of particular interest is the potential of the Zentangle Method as an art-based alternative to psychotherapy and drugs which are traditional first-line treatments for anxiety.

Dr. Miller comments, " What surprises me is the degree to which anxiety was reduced. In the pilot study (which was never written up or published), almost all of the participants were known to have anxiety issues, and the results were dramatic. I honestly did not expect to see approximately the same strength in this round, as we had no idea who would be taking part."

We are grateful to the careful effort that this team put into this project and to Eleanor Miller, Ed.D, CZT, who contributed to that effort.

Download a PDF of the study at this link .

Download a larger image of this presentation slide at this link .
How You Can Help
Do you know someone in an organization that can further these studies? Perhaps you are that person. If so, please contact us so that we can coordinate these helpful efforts.

Did You "Cartouche"?

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We are so grateful and inspired by what people created from treasured items of fond memories. We trust you will be, too!

Some comments:

Rick, Maria,

I just received my Project Pack #5 in the mail today. It is wonderful as usual. I was late in ordering because I was traveling to the UK to spend with my daughter there.

As I indicated, the latest pack is just great. I have watched the videos; now I can participate. 

This note is really to thank you for packaging in recyclable materials. Just recently I have written emails to a few companies that are packaging inappropriately given our current “eco-situation.” I think it is also necessary for me to acknowledge companies that are packaging appropriately so here is a big thank you to Zentangle HQ.  

My best to the two of you and the rest of those with whom you are working. I LOVE ZENTANGLE!!!

Blessing, --JB

Today's tangle, with the lady's pocket watch, left me so relaxed, breathing so slowly, it is quite beautiful. Each time you started another line around the watch, I thought, no, no more, it is done, but then each line, each tangle, each aura, added so much beauty.

Thank you so much for letting me explore Zentangle with you.


Thank you all for this lovely series of AMAZING Zentangle art. The idea of combining treasured photos and objects with Zentangle patterns is just brilliant!

From the very first video and throughout the entire series, I felt my brain almost explode with creative ideas! I can not imagine my life without Zentangle and knowing you all has been a blessing.

Looking forward to seeing you all again at 1440 this fall! --CB
Zentangle Project Pack No. 05
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