May 31, 2019

We recently travelled to Frankfurt to teach the welcome class at the first CZT-Europa Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) training in Germany. We had the best time and we are thrilled to introduce those new CZTs to you in this newsletter.

We then took the train to Munich for some tangle hunting in that city's many museums, cathedrals and castles.

Pix from both events and a schedule update below.


Rick and Maria
CZT-Europa Seminar #1
We always say that the Zentangle art form attracts the nicest people. And that is true throughout the world. Being at a Certified Zentangle Teacher seminar in Frankfurt, Germany felt just like being at a CZT in Providence, Rhode Island, in the USA.

Above are 79 newly minted CZTs from 11 countries, from across Europe and beyond. They all had the same excited smiles and enthusiasm we experienced here in Providence and again, in Taiwan.

The Art of Zentangle seems to be within all of us, with no limitations of language or borders. It bends and accommodates all and any who wants to experience its magic.

We arrived in Frankfort, Germany, having never before experienced this city. The warm and accommodating hotel was conveniently across the street from the massive train station. The folks who worked there seem to be as nice as the staffs we have worked with in Providence. Perhaps this is another example of the Zentangle "effect'' that delivers these wonderful people to us. 

One by one, we saw faces of excited artists arrive, anxious to meet all their new CZT friends, and get started on this new journey. We felt the enthusiasm and warmth we always feel, standing in front of the group on that first day of seminar. Looking over the group, we knew they just couldn't wait to start tangling.

How cool is that?

After our intro class, we handed the microphones over to our ConZentric hosts, knowing this group was in great hands.
The Student Gallery was filled with beautiful creations.

The seminar was taught by three dedicated CZTs, Ela, Katharina, and Jennifer. We encourage you to check out their blog which has more beautiful pictures and descriptions of this landmark event.

Congratulations to Ela, Katharina, and Jennifer and all who attended for an enjoyable and successful first seminar.

Tangle Hunting in Frankfurt and Munich
Rick writes:

Our time in Germany was magical. It was a time to meet with dear friends and to seek out new tangle inspirations amidst the inspirational architecture, charming beer gardens, and magnificent museums.

Wherever we went, such as this cathedral in Frankfurt, there were frames and floors and architectural details to take home for tangle inspirations.
In Munich, the town square of Marienplatz offered an amazing array of delights. For instance, these patterns painted on this building. And on the town hall, see how each window has a different decorative frame. The whimsical playfulness creatively balanced the gravitas of the building.
Maria writes:

Munich is unbelievable. Every building more beautiful and full of life, than the last. Rick and I began visiting all the cathedrals in walking distance, appreciating the art and architecture and peace of these sacred spaces.

Rick took photos, and I took "notes" (i.e.: tangled). In spite of the damp weather, we walked everywhere, ate amazing food and, of course, tasted the wine and beers of the regions. We managed to spend long hours in the many museums, marveling at this old master or that one.  Huge paintings everywhere we looked.

The local residents were warm and friendly, making us feel right at home.

While Rick took pictures, the side alcoves offered sheltered areas for me to continue to take my "notes" (under watchful eyes).
Museums and their frames and faces and frills were goldmines of inspiration which we duly gathered, each in our own way.
Rick and I returned home with tons of photos and drawings, and a wonderful sense of wellbeing. A great trip all around.

Zentangle Events and Seminars

Rick and Maria will participate in portions of CZT-Europa #2 .

If you're attending or planning to attend upcoming CZT seminars, here are some CZT-only events you may want to know about:

  • zenAgain-Asia We have a tradition of holding CZT reunions that we call "zenAgain." These events are fun, inspiring and energizing gatherings of passionate and creative CZTs. Our next zenAgain will be in Taipei, Taiwan on October 3-6, 2019. Rick and Maria will participate in this wonderful reunion. This event will be translated into Mandarin and English.

  • CZT Day & Reunion A one day reunion for CZTs will follow CZT-Europa #2. Rick, Maria, Martha, and Molly will be there along with Ela, Katharina and Jennifer to guide a workshop. This event will be translated into German and English.
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With all our best wishes,

Rick, Maria, Martha and Molly

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