November 30, 2018

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  • Please join us as we welcome our new friends from CZT #32
  • We now offer CZT Seminars in Germany! Registration is open for 2019
  • Registration is now open for 2019 CZT Seminars in the US
  • We tie a ribbon around a few more items, such as
    • Holiday Gift offer
    • 12 Days of Zentangle (with Alfie) reminder
    • Seats available at Shanghai CZT training
    • Zentangle Workshop at Kripalu (Massachusetts) reminder

Zentangle CZT #32!

What an uplifting and energizing time we had at our CZT #32 Seminar! We can never fully convey in words how wonderful it feels when people from such diverse backgrounds come together to create and enjoy Zentangle art.  

You can see a hi-res image of the full photo at this link


At this seminar, it was a privilege and a joy to meet and make friends from...

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China,
Croatia, France, Germany, Hong Kong,
India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea,
Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan
United Kingdom, and
With Croatia, we added our 47th country with CZTs!

Once again we are reminded that the common language of pattern and beauty knows no boundaries of age, custom, or country.
Imagine sitting in this beautiful ballroom with people from so many countries, in pin-drop silence, as people put pen to paper in a gentle, creative flow . . . it is an inspiring experience.

And then everyone gets to appreciate the varied interpretations.


As always, we invited attendees to bring some of their Zentangle creations to share in the student gallery and share they did! Here are just a few examples. 

We've gathered more (and larger) images at this blog page for you to enjoy.

Certified Zentangle Teacher Training in Germany

As people discover the benefits of a Zentangle practice, there is an automatic desire to share those benefits with others. That is the inspiration behind our CZT seminars . . . to teach you the basics of the Zentangle Method so that you can translate it through your experiences to benefit individuals in your community.

Several years ago, we began to offer CZT seminars in Mandarin in Taipei and Shanghai (see below for upcoming Shanghai class). Now there are many Mandarin speaking CZTs in South East Asia who otherwise could not have become CZTs.

Earlier this year, three long-time tanglers and CZTs, Katharina K√∂nigsbauer-Kolb, Ela Reiger, and Jennifer Hohensteiner, approached us with the idea of sponsoring German language CZT seminars in Germany. 

Here's some background in their words about How It All Began:

"We are enthusiastic and experienced CZTs who met each other in 2015 and became good friends through our many overlapping adventures within the Zentangle world. So in January 2018, when the three of us visited the "Paperworld Creative" Fair in Frankfurt, it gave us a spark of inspiration: we could - and should - organize the CZT seminars in Europe! We put together a proposal and sent it to Zentangle, not sure what to expect. The very next day, we got an enthusiastic email in repy. Rick and Maria wrote that they had wanted to do more in Europe and greeted our initiative as a great way to keep Zentangle growing on this side of the Atlantic. At this point things happened very quickly.

"Despite already being CZTs, we attended two back-to-back CZT seminars in June 2018, knowing that very soon we would likely be hosting a similar event in Europe. We also got to know Rick and Maria and their family better. We spent time in their home, which is also the home of Zentangle, but it wasn't all business. It was important to them and us that we connected personally, too. We discussed bees (yep!), gardening, and philosophy, while enjoying homemade Hollibaugh Brew and delicious home cooking. We left feeling even more motivated by a desire to establish the Zentangle Method in Europe as an enduring art form with all the benefits of relaxation, pleasure, and well-being it brings with it." 

Two CZT seminars are scheduled for 2019 in Germany: May 9-12 and November 27-30.
Each will be taught in German with English translations. Rick and Maria will participate in each seminar. Each seminar will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, at the Hotel Monopol, a  four-star hotel whose turn-of-the-century architecture makes an inspiring setting for creative pursuits. Ideally located across the street from the Central Train Station, it's an easy and convenient destination for participants arriving from anywhere in Europe.

The seminars will be taught in German with a simultaneous English translation available for all who need it. Additional languages are planned - the CZT-Europe seminars are meant for all of Europe!

CZT-Europe FAQ
Q:  How do I register?
A: Click on the seminar of your choice:
May 9 -12, 2019
November 27 - 30, 2019
Q:   How do I get more information?
A:,  Email:, and sign up for their newsletter here.


We are grateful to Katharina, Ela, and Jennifer, the team at conZentric, for putting all this together. 

We are excited to visit Germany and meet more of the global Zentangle family!

Registration Now Open for 2019 US CZT Seminars

To all of you who are looking forward to attending CZT seminar with us in Providence, RI, USA in 2019, registration is now open.

Please go to this link to register.

CZT Seminar #33 - March 31 - April 3, 2019

CZT Seminar #34 - June 16 - 19, 2019

Our  2019 schedule at Zentangle HQ is very full with projects and travel so we are only doing two CZT seminars in the US in 2019. It is likely these seminars will fill quickly, so please register right away.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Holiday Thanks

In gratitude and celebration of this holiday season, Auntie Sue is personally tying ribbons around our original Zentangle Kit, the Zentangle Primer Pack Vol 1, and the Zentangle Apprentice Kit.

12 Days of Zentangle Reminder

We (and Alfie) are excited to begin our annual "12 Days of Zentangle" event that will begin on December 3.

Beginning Sunday, December 2, we will send out the first newsletter with a link to the preparation video so you can get ready. Then, you will receive a newsletter each day with the video link and blog link for you to comment. Each day we will select at least one commenter (at random) and send that person a holiday gift.

This year our "12 Days of Zentangle" is based on Project Pack 04 which is available at this link.

See you soon!

CZT-Asia #10 in Shanghai . . . Some Seats Remain!

There will be one more CZT-Asia seminar in Shanghai, China this year. Our friends at Created With Love and their team of awesome CZTs will lead this event.

Register here:

CZT-Asia Seminar #10 - December 16-19 in Shanghai, China 

Kripalu Workshop with Martha and Molly

Kripalu in December
Warm up your winter at a Zentangle workshop!


In one of Zentangle HQ's rare teaching engagements, we are once again invited presenters at the renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Western Massachusetts. Join Molly and Martha on December 14-16, 2018, for a "Zentangle Weekend" at one of the most delightful retreat centers around.

Zentangle Weekend Info and Registration here.


Thank you!

Thank you to all our new friends who joined us at CZT #32. 

Thank you to all the Zentangle community around this world during this special time of year.

From our hearts, we wish you and yours all the joy and blessings that this time has to offer.

Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly and all of us at Zentangle HQ

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