December 3 , 2018

Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

In the Twelve Days of Zentangle series we borrow a traditional holiday song as a playful way to share fun, little Zentangle projects for twelve consecutive days. 

When Rick and Maria developed the Zentangle Method, one objective was to address the anxiety or distraction of deciding which tangle to do next. So when they designed the original green Zentangle Kit, they made a legend with 20 tangles on it and offered a 20 sided die to help choose which tangles to use.

The Zentangle Spinner of Project Pack 04 that we are using in these 12 Days of Zentangle expands on that idea. Now you can create your own legend to help choose tangles. And you can invent fun games to play and creative tangling parameters to guide you on your expanding tangled journey.

On each of these twelve days, we will offer a lesson that contributes to creating your Zentangle Spinner. All the necessary supplies are available in Project Pack #04 (available below).

If you don't have the Project Pack #04 with the spinner template, or you don't want to create one . . . you can still enjoy following along with the tangle instructions. The video instruction is free and available to all and we are happy to have you play along with whatever supplies you have.

If you wish to comment, we invite you to join in the conversation our blog. We'd love to read what you have to say and each day we will randomly pick a person from the list of commenters and send that person a gift from Zentangle Inc.

And so, we begin . . .

12 Days of Zentangle - Day 1

On our preparation day, we added some color to the Zentangle Spinner. You can watch that video here.

Today, on this First Day of Zentangle, Martha serves up feast of jetties, fluxzander and a secret sauce drawn from  well!

Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 1
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 1

See video with German subtitles here.

(Note to our viewers in China, in the next day or two, we will add these videos to a platform you can more easily enjoy.) 


Please join the conversation for Day 1 at this blog link.

You can find the "12 Days of Zentangle" supplies in Project Pack 04 which is available at this link.

See you tomorrow for Day 2!

We will post this newsletter, and all the newsletters for the 12 Days of Zentangle, on our blog. At the conclusion of the series we will randomly choose posters from each blog and send a gift.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly . . . and Alfie

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