FinTech v2.0: How Generation Z is Changing the
Financial Services Landscape
A 2020 article from Cushman Wakefield reports the rise of Generation Z as a potential “seismic shift” in the adaptation and usage of FinTech. And according to a 2021 research study released by Plaid and the Harris Poll, the usage of FinTech has increased dramatically, from 58% usage in 2020 to 88% in 2021 – including 87% usage among Generation Z.

As experts in financial services and FinTech market research, Zeldis is pleased to announce our upcoming FinTech thought leadership research, “FinTech v2.0: How Generation Z is Changing the Financial Services Landscape”. In this hybrid qualitative/quantitative research project, we will uncover unique insights about the overall Generation Z landscape within FinTech, ultimately generating insights that Financial and FinTech companies can use to better target their products and services to this group. As always, results and these greater insights will be shared with the research community at no cost once they are available.

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Opening Doors to Behavioral Health:
Teletherapy’s Role in Expanding Access
As reported by Mental Health America, almost one in five people nationwide (47.1 million) are living with a mental health condition. That number increased by about 1.5 million over last year's report. Additionally, over half of adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment, totaling over 27 million adults in the U.S. who are going untreated. 

In 2020 we launched our "Telehealth for Behavioral Health" thought leadership which was designed to understand the logistics of the move to virtual therapy. This year we are exploring the experiences of those who accessed treatment for the first time and used teletherapy to open the door to counseling. The purpose of this thought leadership is to uncover the impact of teletherapy (video, chat, text, telephone) on accessibility, the customer experience, apps/tools, and intended future use of treatment options.

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Financial Literacy Tool Case Study
Our client, a leading global financial services company, wanted to create a new gamified financial literacy tool designed for the Gen-Z population. This digital finance education platform was designed to close the gap between younger Americans’ current and desired knowledge about finance. Four custom research studies were conducted to help develop, test, and refine the content for this product experience.

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Retirement Redefined Segmentation Analysis
Amy Rey, Executive VP and Kathrin Schumacher, Senior Research Director recently presented our segmentation analysis findings conducted with our Retirement Redefined thought leadership data collected in the fall of 2021. Zeldis leveraged this data to create a statistical segmentation of the retiree population, with a focus on identifying and differentiating key subgroups, determining how they differ in terms of approach and feelings about retirement and uncovering potential messaging that would best resonate with each.

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Pet Insurance Thought Leadership Study Update
Our thought leadership is nearly completed! Plan to register for the webinar of the findings in late-March. We look forward to sharing our learnings with the research community. In the meantime, click HERE to view a few initial data points about Pet Owners and their perceptions of pet insurance so far.

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 The Confidence Gap: Women and Retirement Planning
Zeldis Research's Kathrin Schumacher participated in a panel discussion hosted by Guardian Edge on 1/12/22 entitled: The Confidence Gap: Women and Retirement Planning.

According to Guardian’s Workforce 2020 report, only a third of women rate their financial health highly, compared to 41% of men. Women also say the pandemic negatively impacted their retirement plans more than men. Yet the same report found women are more likely than men to own financial wellness products like disability and life insurance, and more likely to contribute to a retirement plan. What’s behind this gap in both retirement planning confidence and results?
Panelists explore:
  • Data behind why women lag men in financial planning confidence
  • Generational differences and similarities in women’s attitudes toward, and how they prepare for, retirement
  • What employers can do to educate and empower their female employees about retirement planning and financial wellness

Zeldis Perspectives
Holiday Donations to Pay it Forward!
A great big THANK YOU to all of our clients who allowed us to help others! In lieu of gifts to individual clients this year, we made contributions to the following charities to pay forward our good fortune by supporting organizations dedicated to helping those in need. 
  • Mental Health America - Dedicated to promoting mental health as a critical part of overall wellness, including prevention services, early identification and intervention for those at risk, with recovery as the goal.
  • Feeding America - The nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people with food and end hunger.
  • American Humane Society - Committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals for nearly a century and a half.
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