"All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason."

-Immanuel Kant

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Working From Home - A Zeldis Demonstration of Webcam Focus Group Methodology for Right Now
Now you can preview a demo of a live webcam focus group BEFORE recommending it to clients and colleagues. Zeldis has created a demo utilizing Civicom's enhanced webcam focus group platform, including such features as instant polling, group voting, metaphorical techniques, and real time screen share. View a website focus group discussion, hosted by Zeldis Senior Research Director Andy Romano, on the advantages and drawbacks of working remotely, plus valuable tips on drawing better engagement through the enhanced platform. It's the research tool for right now!

Watch the full 7-minute highlights reel of the key features and activities HERE or watch the full 20-minute video HERE.
Five Moderating Tips To Improve Your Online Qual
Are you optimizing your transition from in-person qualitative methodologies to online solutions?
Now that we're "going virtual" in our approaches to gain insights from respondents, we're using state-of-the-art platforms that make it easier to engage, evaluate stimulus, and chat in virtual 'back rooms.'  It's almost -- if not quite -- like being there in person.
To maximize the virtual experience process and outcomes for our clients and respondents, we've modified our approach in five key ways. We are sharing them HERE.
Once Upon a Time....
...we all had more help in writing our research reports.  Now that many of you may be doing more with less, think about using storytelling to create more engagement in reporting your market research findings. Stories are easier to understand, remember and retain! And Information that is more easily understood and remembered are more likely to inspire action and meaningful impact. The roadmap below provides a visual guide to effective market research storytelling. We are here to help create your 'happily ever after' results if we can!
Latest Thought Leadership
Telemedicine for Behavioral Health - Is It Here to Stay?
Telemedicine for Behavioral Health is no longer just for a select few pioneers. While Zeldis Research has been exploring telehealth usage and attitudes for more than a year, its increased adoption during the pandemic has been much in the news.  So we launched our own thought leadership research to help you understand attitudes and perceptions of providers and consumers of virtual and teletherapy methods. Individual interviews were conducted to better understand the experience of these users with, and reactions to, the movement toward a virtual tele-therapy approach.

The interviews have just been completed and the analysis will be released in August for free, as individual webinars to the research community.

For more information about this study click HERE and to schedule a webinar, please contact Jeff Mann, Zeldis Senior Research Director.
New Thought Leadership Study Coming Soon!  The Impact of COVID-19 on Agents, Brokers and Advisors in the Financial Market
How have the financial services and insurance industries been affected by COVID-19?  A new Thought Leadership project from Zeldis Research examines how agents, brokers, and advisors view the impact of the pandemic on their business-related activities. Topics include:
  • How their operations (lead generation, working remotely, client service, etc.) have changed
  • How they think their industry may change over time as a result of COVID-19 (e.g., product, risk tolerance, coverage differences and potential future offerings, and telehealth)
  • Their impressions of the impacts on their business and their financial projections in the short-, medium-, and long-term
Click HERE to learn more about the study and to watch for the release of the study in Fall 2020. Contact Fred Gaudios to learn more or to schedule a presentation of the findings.
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