Zeldis’ Social Media and Finance Thought Leadership 

Zeldis is excited to announce the release of our next thought leadership study – Are YouTube and TikTok the New Financial Advisors?: How consumers use social media for financial education and advice.

Zeldis moderated focus groups and completed an online survey with Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z to explore how they use social media, which specific platforms and sources they are using, how they evaluate the credibility of these sources, and what role traditional financial services companies can play in this space. 

We will be sharing our findings via a free webinar to be held on Wednesday, May 15th at 12pm ET. You can register for the webinar HERE or reach out to Kathrin@zeldisresearch.com to schedule a custom webinar for your team.

Research Activation Webinar

I recently hosted a webinar entitled "Avoiding Research Limbo” How to Keep your Research from Sitting on the Shelf. In this webinar I shared some approaches we have used with clients, both before and after the research execution, to elevate the effort, optimize stakeholder engagement and buy-in and make sure the research is activated after completion.

If you missed it, you can view the webinar and deck here:

Zeldis Buzz Health Insurance Podcast

In the newest Zeldis Buzz podcast, I sat down with Zeldis Health Insurance Practice Lead, Leanne Benvignati to talk about the recent trends we’ve seen in Health Insurance Market Research. We discussed trends including an increased emphasis on government programs, a more holistic approach, and health insurance research in a post-pandemic world.

You can view or listen to the podcast and download the accompanying one-pager:

Trends in Market Research

Over the past year, I traveled the country to attend several research conferences (TMRE, CRC, multiple Quirks events). I distilled some of what I’ve seen at the conferences, combined with what we have experienced with our clients in 2023, to identify four top trends in our industry. This is certainly filtered through the lens of Zeldis’ focus in insurance and financial services, but I do think these apply across markets.

View Thumbnail HERE

Zeldis Perspectives

Upcoming Conference Presentation

I am very excited to be attending and/or speaking at several upcoming industry conferences. Please reach out and let me know if you will be attending, so that we can connect in person!

Zeldis Team Additions

We are excited to announce another great addition to our Zeldis team: 

Diana Manos, Field Operations Director, P&C Practice

Diana’s market research career spans over 3 decades. Her first role was as a project coordinator at a small, Chicago-based market research company. Her long career has given her the unique advantage of being both a client who purchases market research services as well as a vendor who supplies them. She brings both perspectives to Zeldis Research, allowing her to deliver the top-notch service clients demand in a valued partner. Her long-standing motto for projects has been to always be on-time, on-budget, with zero error.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for articles you'd like to see in future issues of The Zeldis Buzz, please contact me by calling (609) 737-7223, x3007, or by emailing amy@zeldisresearch.com.
Amy Rey, Managing Director, Growth and Strategy
609-737-7223, x3007
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