AI and Market Research
Many of you are already exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on the market research industry. We are already seeing companies implement it for a variety of purposes, including coding, summarizing qualitative discussions, and creating “bots” to simulate customer segments. Some researchers are also using ChatGPT in their day-to-day to help brainstorm questionnaires and guides or tweak wording/language. But many questions remain in terms of data security, compliance, accuracy, and ethics.

If you missed it, here are links to Zeldis’ webinar on the topic – Friend, Foe, or Folly: AI & Market Research. We explore what we’ve learned, pros and cons, and outstanding concerns and questions. More to come, as we continue to explore this topic.
Zeldis’ Caregiver Thought Leadership
We are very excited to share our most recent Zeldis Thought Leadership research – Helping the Helpers: A Look at Caregivers And How We Can Better Serve Them. Zeldis VP and Health Practice Lead, Leanne Benvignati, headed up this effort, which includes in-depth qualitative interviews and a large-scale, quantitative survey with those who care for a loved one.

Leanne presented the research in a webinar earlier this month. In case you missed it, here are links to the video and deck.
Optimizing Your Research
As market research professionals, you understand how to build and execute effective research studies. But how often is that research productively implemented within the organization? How can we make sure there is stakeholder buy-in up front and successful activation and implementation on the back end? Below are some strategies we have helped clients use to make their research more valuable and actionable.
Zeldis Perspectives
Conference Presentation
Our Practice Leads have been busy sharing their expertise within their industry.

  • Kristina Witzling (EVP, P&C Insurance Practice Lead) gave a presentation about conducting successful market research at the NAMIC (National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies) conference in August.
  • Leanne Benvignati (VP/ Health Insurance Practice Lead) presented our caregiver research at the Society for Insurance Research (SIR) Conference in September. This is a fantastic conference for those in the P&C, health, and life insurance industries to share best practices in market research and competitive intelligence.
I’m excited to share that I will be attending TMRE, in Denver, Oct 23-25. I hope you'll stop by and say hello (booth 535) or join me for a Zeldis dinner Tuesday night (email me to inquire). I'm happy to share the VIP Code JOIN15 if you’d like to join me and receive a 15% discount.
Zeldis Team Additions
I am excited to announce the addition of Rand Greiner in the recently created position of Compliance Manager. The importance of data security in compliance in today’s world is paramount, and Rand brings extensive experience and focus to this position at Zeldis. Rand has extensive experience within the healthcare and non-profit industries and specializes in maintaining compliance frameworks. He manages Zeldis’ HiTrust Certification and implementation of compliance standards and controls across various industries.
Saying Goodbye to a Zeldis Legend
I am excited (and heartbroken) to announce the retirement of one of Zeldis’ longest-serving employees, Karen Schmutz. Karen has given Zeldis and our clients more than 28(!) years of dedicated and loyal service. She has been an absolute pillar of our success over the years, and her expertise and gold standard of client service has made our qualitative practice the best in the business. We will miss her dearly and wish her all the best as she enters this new, exciting chapter.
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