April 20, 2024 - Death by Calcium? Dr. Thomas E. Levy says "YES!"

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Calcium - if there's one supplement your doctor is probably telling you you need, it's


I'm going to tell you calcium is ONE supplement you don't need and don't want.

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Top Calcium Myths - according to Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

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  1. Calcium is good for you.
  2. You need to eat dairy products to get enough calcium.
  3. If you have osteoporosis, you have a calcium deficiency.
  4. Increased bone density means stronger bones.
  5. When you have osteoporosis, the biggest danger is breaking a bone.

Vitamin C - is osteoporosis scurvy of the bone?

"Dr. Thomas Levy examines this very topic in his latest book, Death by Calcium, in which he disputes the long-standing beliefs that osteoporosis is caused by a deficiency of calcium and that arteriosclerosis is caused by high levels of cholesterol. Both conditions, he claims, are in fact caused by high levels of calcium. It is not calcium, Dr. Levy claims, but rather vitamin C that is the “foundation and cornerstone of strong bones,” and osteoporosis is a kind of chronic “focal scurvy” caused by lack of vitamin C. Osteoporosis is caused by oxidative stress, he says, and vitamin C is an antioxidant needed in sufficient amounts to combat that stress. A large part of the book discusses vitamin C: how to take it, how to administer it, varieties of vitamin C, and why it is a superior nutrient. However, his recommendations include only supplemental forms of vitamin C, and there is no discussion of natural forms."

From Weston A. Price on this book...

The importance of Vitamin K

"Dr. Levy pays special heed to vitamin K2, and rightfully so. Research shows that calcification can be reversed in blood vessels, kidney stones and coronary arteries with appropriate intake of vitamin K2, specifically the MK-4 form. He also recommends that magnesium intake from supplements be sufficient and that magnesium glycinate be taken with every serving of dairy food to combat its purported artery-clogging properties."


"Dr. Levy regards magnesium as a calcium channel blocker. Recent research shows an association between low serum magnesium and coronary artery calcification."

Now let's dig into a great overview of the information in this book!

See the overview here...

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