Issue 191 - August 23, 2020
Master the Mind
Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation, and if one can master this mind, one can become not just a mastermind but the master Himself, says Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai. In this series of talks, ‘Master the Mind’, primarily given to the Ashram residents of Sathya Sai Grama, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai guides us step by step, to take up a 30 day sadhana to understand, analyse, master and finally merge the mind into the divine self.
Inspirational Note...
By Sri Madhusudan Sai

Wanted by God  

A young aspiring medical student who was to embark on her new career path was there to receive Swami’s guidance and blessings in the interview room.

During the course of conversation, Swami reminded her that it was her greatest good fortune to have been chosen by God and been guided this way.

She burst out emotionally by placing her head at His feet gratefully, “Swami I am so blessed that out of so many children you have chosen me and are guiding me this way, I only want You and nothing else.”

Swami was quick to respond, “Yes, You are blessed for you are here, not just because you want Me, but because I also want you. It’s not enough that the devotee wants God, but God also should want the devotee for both to be together. Be such a devotee whom God wants!”

Yes, all I want is to be wanted by God!
Service Updates
Argentine Youth Seva Activities
During July 2020, youth of three different parts of Argentina distributed food to 1,787people. The youth of La Plata distributed packages of food which contained: rice, noodles, tomato sauce, green peas, sugar, lentils, tea, milk, cookies, fruits and clean items. They served around 1,400 people.
The youth of Cordoba distributed hot meals to the homeless around their homes. They served on the weekends and they distributed 137 meals during July 2020.
Canadian Newsletter August 2020 Edition
Seva Activities in Toronto

  • Feed the World Initiative
  • Sikh Seva Society
  • Christi Ossington Neighbourhood Centre
  • The Toronto youth have started participating in ceiling on desires (COD) by sending the saved amount to educate girls in Swami’s institutions.
Seva Activities in Alberta
The youths of Edmonton continued their Seva activities and served fresh food packets to their needy friends in Downtown Edmonton

The food packets consisted of:
  • Bananas
  • Fruit Juice
  • Granola Bars
  • Bottled Water
  • Ciabatta Buns
Singing For A Dream
In preparation for Swami’s grand 95th Birthday celebration in November 2020, Mexico was directed to form a Chorus to sing traditional Mexican songs for Him.

Ana Moreno was the natural choice to direct the group, with her years of experience that included several occasions where she played in person for Bhagawan in Prashanti and Muddenahalli. So, the call went out for anyone interested in joining the group and having the honour of singing at His Divine Feet.