Issue 14 - February 18, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In March 2016 while Swami was in Dubai a devotee asked Him how one can rectify the bad deeds carried out in one’s previous births. Here is Swami’s response:
I often give this example to the students in our college, to explain that what you are experiencing now is the result of what you have done in the past. If you have not worked hard and studied in your lower grades, you will obviously find it difficult to understand the subjects in the higher classes. If you have not learnt numbers properly, it will be difficult to perform addition and subtraction when you go to the higher classes. If you are finding it difficult to do things in the higher classes, it means you haven’t worked hard on your basics in the lower ones. Just because you are in a higher class does not mean you have really worked hard and learnt everything. After all, passing marks are only 35, 40 or 45. It means that there is a possibility that you did not actually learn 65 marks worth of the material. Therefore, you are still in a higher class, but you do not know all that needs to be known...
Service Updates
Growing to Be God
This summer Bhagawan told some of the Youth from Germany, that there is a programme, called Growing to be God , Value Based Education for Child Development , that started in England and they should do it in Germany too. 

He explained that values are much more important than Religion and that is exactly what Growing to be God is about - teaching children human values through short stories, games and roleplays.
Love All Serve All, Be Seva
The Youth Group came up with this idea last month: BE SEVA ; they repeated it almost like a mantra. The intention of this work was to incorporate Seva in daily life. That is not only "an activity that we do on a particular day", but that turns into a way of being, that turns into something natural in every one.
A Special Christmas and New Year Event at an Elderly Home
For a few months, some of the youth had been serving at an elderly home in the city of Waalre. In no time, there was a feeling to do something special for these elderly during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The youth took the initiative to bring this idea forward at the Sai Centre to further brainstorm with other devotees. It was amazing to see how everyone came in unity to think of ideas on how to create a nice event for the elderly and so many ideas were discussed. The youth then created a proposal for the management of the care facility and they gladly accepted the youth’s offer to organise such an event for December 29, 2017.
Satsang and News Updates
Rome - European Youth Meeting
On January 27 and 28, 2018, youth from all around Europe met in Rome, at “Casa del Divino” (House of Divine) for the third European Youth Meeting. The Sai youth from Rome were delighted by the precious presence of youth from Italy, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.
A Seva Youth Experience
The person that inspired me to do Seva , was my mother. During my childhood years I indirectly started to understand this deep life experience, listening to her discourses with friends.
So, the real incentive to practise Seva was the example of my mother and her behaviour: compassion and kindness weren’t only expressed through words, but they were always put into action.