Issue 60 - February 25, 2018
Inspirational Note ...
In June 2015, USA devotee asked what must be done to help those in need. Swami’s answer:

Every act in the universe is governed by the law of action and reaction. Whatever we do now reflects on us later. The people who are suffering today or those who are peaceful today – there is definitely a past to it but let us not dwell on that. What is important is what we are doing in the present, because that will define our future. If you sow a seed, you may not be able to have a tree ready the next day, and you will not be able to eat the fruit the third day; it may take a few years. Sometimes, you might not even be there to enjoy the benefits of all that you have done. Most of the people who do Seva want to see the results immediately. If they don’t see results, they are disappointed, and they stop doing it. True Seva is to keep working and to not bother about the results. The results will happen automatically. If you have done your job correctly, the results will automatically come. Therefore, looking at your demeanour, your peace, your happiness, people will come and ask, "How is it that despite so many problems in America and in the surroundings, you are always smiling, you are always at peace, you are always happy?” Then you will be able to tell them, it is the kind of guidance that I have received, it is the kind of education that I have received, it is the kind of association that I am with that keeps me happy and makes me peaceful. Then they will be attracted towards Swami’s teachings and values.
Service Updates
Feeding the Needy
This year started with new vibrant Seva activities in the north of Argentina. In Jujuy, a small province in the most northern region of Argentina, a young lady devotee and her mother visited an uncovered snack area twice a week in order to help serving tea, rice pudding and some refreshments – such as toasted bread, biscuits, cookies, among other provisions – to a group of around 30 poverty-stricken children who live in an irregular settlement inside a very poor and humble neighbourhood on the edge of the capital city.
Canadian News February 2018
This month, the temperatures were at the freezing mark. The Edmonton Youth realized that their needy friends were suffering in the cold, wrapped in tents and blankets. They served hot coffee with cream and sugar. This was a blessing for all the needy people as they were praying for someone to give them something warm.
New Service Activity
Swami devotee and member of the Chihuahua service group, Dr. Marisela Frayre, works in this Children`s Hospital, where she specializes in children`s physiatry and rehabilitation.

Moises Enriquez, a member of the musical group representing Latin America in the Youth Festival in Mudenahalli last November 2017, had an excellent idea and suggested to Dr. Frayre that he go to the Hospital once a week to play his violin and guitar for the children during their morning rehabilitation. This would make their physical therapy more pleasant and hopefully reduce the children`s tension and stress.
Another Light in Service
The Committe of Devotees in charge of Education lit another candle in Praderas del Sur when they responded to a request from the Principal of the Frida Kahlo Primary School, to begin a series of workshops focusing on the school`s teachers.
Northern California Service
The youth of Bay Area as part of Sai Ashraya initiative has been working immensely with several homeless youth in bay area. This time the Sai Ashraya team wants to give a glimpse of what exactly goes through the life of the homeless and what hardships they face and how things quickly change in their lives.
Recently they came across a 26-year old homeless lady who recently moved to the bay area. She was found living in a dilapidated RV that she shared with another homeless friend. When the so-called well to do people will not share their home to someone they don’t know, it is amusing and beautiful to know how helpful these homeless people are to other people. It is truly that they live with a heart full of love.
Huntsville, Alabama Homeless Seva
February 16, 2018
A Sai youth in Alabama was fortunate on this day to be serving once again with a dedicated American couple who reminded one and all that it was their good fortune to be blessed with another opportunity to serve their homeless brothers and to be a part of their good company. After hearing the timely advice of Sister Jennie Cornsweet a few weeks prior, who advised that although the process of letting go of the results when doing Bhagawan’s work can be challenging; knowing the fact that the outcome is His and His alone, can be a wonderful thing! All can serve Him wholeheartedly and need not focus on anything else but Him.
The pace of activity among our brothers in Atlanta is increasing to weekly Satsang s and several training sessions to work with homeless youth at multiple facilities. The Lord is passionate about this project, and His children are being swept up along this wave of Love that is engulfing the nation and the planet!
Seva at Homeless Youth Drop-In Centre
Houston Youth Service
For their monthly offering of  Seva  to  Bhagawan , the Houston youth returned once again to volunteer at the homeless youth drop-in centre. Following the Divine instructions, the youth had signed up for the volunteer programme to contribute in their own small way towards helping with the problem of homelessness in the city. The purpose of this programme was to provide an understanding and comfortable environment for the homeless youth to express themselves freely and facilitate their personal growth.
Endless Love
My name is José María and I am from Entre Rios, a province located in the north-eastern region of Argentina. I started to follow my spiritual path looking for my mission in this life a couple of years ago. In those years, I read, heard and met many spiritual ...
I will be eternally grateful for the endless love of our beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by which I was able to transform myself into a better person so that all together, we can carry out His mission in the world.