Issue 109 - February 03, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence at the Singapore. A devotee seeks guidance for the youth.

And here is what Swami said:

Everybody is divine. Each person is like a magnet – but, until the iron bar becomes magnetized, it is just a piece of iron that accumulates rust and dust. There are plenty of youth in Singapore rusting and full of dust. Nevertheless, they all have this magnetism and divinity within them. If you become a magnet and move around in society, you will attract them and turn them into magnets. You may be a small group but, if you stay united and move around doing service, going out to universities or colleges and organizing activities with other youth, they will look to you and start to get attracted. The divinity within them will emerge. Constant company with good people is important. Then these youth will start changing and start changing ten others, too.

Be: Be what you are trying to bring out in others;
Do: Show by example;
See: See what others are doing;
Say: Then you have the right to say.

Do things on your own. The other youth will observe you. Do it step by step, knowing that you cannot transform the youth in one day. Remain steadfast and never lose focus.
 Service Updates
Blood Drive at Tappoocity Plaza, Suva, and Sugar City Mall, Lautoka
The youth of Sai Prema Foundation embarked on yet another journey to collect some much needed “liquid love” - Blood. The youth teamed up with the Fiji National Blood Services Department from the Ministry of Health and conducted a day long blood drive on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at Tappoocity Plaza, in the heart of Suva, and one in the western part of the island at Sugar City Mall in Lautoka in Fiji.   
New Year’s Card Project for Senior Care Facility in Sagamihara City
In Japan, the New Year’s holiday is one of the most important events of the year. People get together with their family and relatives, enjoy their quality family time together and visit shrines and temples to pray to Gods for health and welfare for the entire year. They also send New Year’s cards to greet each other.
However the countries increasing elderly population meant that many older adults in elder care facilities spent festive seasons alone. As such, the youth decided to send their love through the New Year’s cards to these lonely elderly people. 
Delivering Love and Happiness to Children at
an Orphanage in Thailand
Another youth group conducted Christmas cards project. An artist and a poet put together special cards, what they called “Zencho (foresight) cards with messages and art work and the youth delivered them to the orphanage in Baan Unrak, Thailand. This project was initiated by the Asia Pacific youth conference held in Malaysia last year. These Japanese youth focused on creating special messages based on pure love which is intended to bring back light and dignity to each soul. They prayed that these cards deliver deep, pure love to the heart of children!
Youth Volunteers' Day
Youth organised a volunteers' day in December, where the youth came together to share about the various projects they have been involved in, and planned for the year ahead. It was most inspiring listening to fellow youths sharing their personal experiences - why they choose to spend their lives in service of others, and how it is even more wonderful when they get to do it together.

As Swami aptly titled the theme of the 2018 World Youth Meet ‘Youth for Youth’, this was also a lovely opportunity to bring friends and family along to find out more about what they do, and start by loving and supporting each other in all the work that they do.