Issue 115 - March 17, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 a Satsang held in the divine presence in California, USA. When asked how can one become dear to God.

Here is what Swami said:

If you are walking with your father on the road and you see two of your friends, involved in doing something wrong, would you tell your father that they are your friends? You would ignore them and walk quickly past so that your father doesn’t see that you have such friends. Whereas, if they had been doing something good and had achieved something – perhaps with their names on TV – you would proudly tell your father, “Father, these are my friends!” and you would be pleased to introduce them. It is similar with God; if you want Him to acknowledge you as His own, you need to conduct yourself properly, so that He will be happy to tell everyone, “He is Mine.” If you behave otherwise, God also has to ignore you and walk quickly past, so that nobody knows, just the same.

If you do what I want you to do, if you behave in the way that I want you to behave, then I will come to you and, not only I will say, “You are Mine,” to you, but I will tell everybody else that you are Mine, because I will also be proud to be associated with you. I love everybody, always – it is not that I love you and do not love somebody else – but, you will feel My love only when you behave accordingly.
Service Updates
Seva activities in Netherlands
Once, during an interview with Swami, the youth asked Him what kind of Seva projects they should engage in. He explained that there are many elderly in Europe who are lonely and that they should be served. At first, the youth wondered how they could make a difference in the elderly care facilities in the Netherlands that are so well equipped with a very high standard of care in comparison with some other countries. However, some youth started helping a facility in serving lunch to the elderly and spending time talking to them. It was immediately noticed by the youth how impactful the extra smiles were when serving them!
Seva in Italy
The monthly Seva activity with the disabled people was a planned visit to the “ Terme di Diocleziano ” in Rome (National Roman Museum). This experience was rich with surprises for all the participants who discovered a place full of history, enclosed by a complex architecture. In Roman times the building held baths. Then, as time passed, the structure was modified but it still shows traces of each of those moments. The collection that is composed of pieces of art and manufactured goods belonging to different epochs tells the local story; from the original Latin inhabitants (Bronze Age), passing through the Roman Age till Michelangelo's Renaissance. This experience created a deep connection with the city of Rome.
Selfless Seva Trust Of Istanbul
Helping The Beings In Need
Selfless Seva Trust of Istanbul, Turkey, has continued to do Seva activities in February, 2019.

  • Necessary medical supplies were provided to the people with ailments in the vicinity; 
  • Provided fuel for heating, two tons of wood and 2.5 tons of coal were supplied to the homes; 
  • Clothing was provided to a few nearby families; 
  • The house-rent of two homes and the utility fees such as electricity, water for ten homes were paid;
  • Every day, animals in need are provided with food, water and medical care.
My Transformation Story
Around the age of 13, on a fine night, while my parents were in deep sleep, I happened to hear about and see Sai Baba for the first time, on TV. However, the program was concentrating more on criticising Him rather than talking about His divinity! That was the first time I came to know of His existence and the one spiritual issue that would become a vital topic of interest for me:
Some years later, in 2010, when I was 19, while passing through a period of utter depression and a strong desire to kill myself; one day I visited the parents of one of our old neighbours. The mother was a healer, and the house was decorated with the pictures and books of Sai Baba. That definitely reawakened my curiosity and I started to examine Him, who He was, and there was this strange feeling or an energy that I had never felt until then.