Issue 56 - January 28, 2018
Inspirational Note ...
In February 2017 at a small Singapore event, Swami was asked how to approach youth to participate in and conduct service activities as they may be concerned or hesitant about religious or spiritual perspectives…how to remain secular. Swami said:

Human values are secular. Human values apply to all beings, the same as oxygen, sunlight or water. You breathe oxygen, not any other gas. Values are universal; they do not apply to a particular religion or philosophy. You may belong to different schools, but you are studying the same subject. Go with the basic human values perspective of love, service, compassion and kindness.

Every university has a ‘Volunteer Week’ or ‘Volunteer Month. Use this opportunity to connect with youth who may be interested in pursuing volunteer activities, such as serving the elderly, working with children or conducting medical camps.
Service Updates
Be Hollow like a Flute
Each Sunday a group of young devotees gathered to serve breakfast to the homeless. Everything started because the whole group felt a desire to help others in need and serve the society in the most selfless way, and within a week all the tasks were distributed to begin the project. Plus, other people approached in different ways to collaborate to develop the project such as donating food or clothes. That is to say that the love and solidarity inspired other selfless hearts to unite and, as a result, to give better attention to those in need.
Canadian News November - December 2017
The months of November and December were filled with joy and blessings as the youths of Canada were in the presence of the Divine for the World Youth Meet 2017, World Music Festival 2017 and Bhagawan’s 92nd Birthday celebrations at the Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli.

December began with a meeting with the mayor of the city of Edmonton, Mr. Don Iveson, on the streets of Edmonton. Discussions were done on sheltering the homeless on the streets, food distributions from a home-based commercial kitchen, and teaching soft skill education certification programmes namely...
Rene’s Gym Becomes a Non-Profit Organisation
The children at Rene`s Gym are celebrating! At long last a non-profit organisation was legally constituted, known in Mexico as Asociación Civil or Civil Association. This legal organisation will allow them to receive tax deductible donations, as well as request support from government programmes . The name of the Gym had to be changed and “Saving Angels” is now called “Centro Enseñando a Vivir” (The Teaching How to Live Centre) and the acronym for it is “CE VIVIR”. The Spanish pronunciation for the acronym is very meaningful; it means “sabre Vivir” (Know How to Live)...
Christmas Celebration
The birth of Jesus Christ in our country is celebrated by what is known as “Posadas”. The group, following the tradition for this season, served “tamales” and “Ponche” (hot drink with raisins, tejocotes fruit, pecans and other fruit) for all the children and parents. 

Woollen hats were knitted for each child to protect them from the winter cold. Also, each one of the members of the service group gave each child a sweatshirt with the C.E. VIVIR logo.
Swami Has Not Gone Anywhere
Bay Area Service
Into the second week of December, on a cold winter night, when a group of youth were chatting about the next day's Seva , suddenly one person said, "How nice would it be to serve 500 meals this Christmas, for Swami?” It was as though the number was almost magical and the thought was right from Swami. The fact that they hadn't attempted anything of this sort before did not stop them. There was absolutely no doubt that their beloved Swami would help them in spreading the love and spirit of Christmas and celebrate the season with His chosen ones through this Seva .
Through these incredible experiences and outpouring of love and support of the One World One Sai team, the PeopleShores team, volunteers, friends and family, Swami made it possible not only to serve 500, but more than 700 meals in various locations throughout the Bay Area across the last week of December (Holy-day season).
Houston Youth Serve at the Youth Drop-in Centre
After the plates and the tables were cleared, the main session of the night was set to begin. Usually, the drop-in centre director would organise an outside speaker to come in and lead a workshop. This time, a representative from Writing In The Schools (WITS) had arrived to help the youth get comfortable with a new outlet for their hopes, emotions and dreams - the written word. Dressed in a black sweatshirt, jeans and Converses, and standing before the group, she shared her own story through a poignant poem, her words painting an intricate portrait of her...
Service, the Path to Self-Transformation
My name is Irma Lema and since I was a child, through the Grace of Sai, I travelled along this wonderful path of Service.

Swami through positive and negative experiences showed me that the Seva is not only charity, but it is also the greatest form of spiritual practice. We receive the grace of God when it is done without rewards or expectations.
What matters is our inner feeling and speaking from heart to heart.​ It fills me with gratitude to realise that it as an offering to God. I believe that we came to this world to serve our brothers: children, youth and adults. To listen to them, cover their basic needs and be able to give them words of Love and Faith.