Issue 99 - November 25, 2018
Inspirational Note ...
In 2016 one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence at Ottawa, Canada. A devotee asked if he could get direct instructions from Swami.

And here is what Swami said:

You are not ready to follow yet. They were the ones who were ready to jump. You have to get ready. You have to develop the faith first. I cannot hang a portrait on a shaky nail; I have to hammer a little deeper so that it will become stronger. I have prepared them over the years. Develop that faith and I will give you work, but you have to be ready first. Slowly get yourself ready.

While waiting for the elevator, Swami said, "Just like this elevator, God too comes down to take people up to higher levels. However, there is limited space inside the lift and those who are early, benefit from it.

Others have to wait for the lift to come down again. This is the way of the incarnations too. Many miss the opportunity for they are not ready to board even when the opportunity knocks and have to wait for another opportunity to be with the Avatar." An important lesson to mull upon.
Service Updates
Serving with Love
As usual, every Sunday during the month of October, the young of Argentina served breakfast and lunch to their homeless brothers.
The breakfast consisted of coffee, tea, juice, fruits and cookies. The lunch included delicious vegetarian dishes prepared by a devotee and also by young people and adults in the Ashram de Escobar.
Some clothing such as t-shirts, pants, sneakers, divers and stockings were also distributed.

30 people were served during each week adding up to 100 people per month.
 Prayers for Fire Victims and
Service to the Needy
Northern California woke up to a rude shock during the second week of November when the largest fire broke out and displaced hundreds of people. Several were missing, several were reported dead, some bodies were unidentifiable and there was a lot of ashes spread across thousands of acres. While people in Northern California were still figuring out what to do, another fire broke out in the highly populated Bay Area including Oakland and San Ramon which are popular social neighborhoods.
Sai Ashraya team continues to help the people while also praying to Bhagawan that by his benevolent grace, He lessens the effects of the fire and the burden of the people during these difficult times.
Huntsville, Alabama Seva for
Low - Income Individuals
During His discourse on November 10, 2018 at Khargar, Navi Mumbai, Bhagawan said that the squirrel who helped build Sri Rama’s bridge served with the thought, “I should do whatever I can”. This idea reflects a shift in attitude or a transformation of the heart, in the language of Bhagawan. He is not concerned with how much money is offered or how often it is offered, because He cannot be bribed. He is most interested in the heart of the devotee, and whether it is expanding and not contracting. Unfortunately, selfishness can creep into people’s minds when they become busy.
November in Kansas City
Having started in September, the young adults from Kansas City are continuing on their path to reach out to, engage and lend a helping hand to displaced teens. When the Sai Youth last checked in with them, they had assessed and chose to work with one teen in particular who had demonstrated accomplishments and a keen sense of determination and optimistic outlook for her future.
Self Transformation
My name is Tomas Sesti, I am from Buenos Aires. Argentina. The whole presence of Sai is perceptible and you can feel it, as well as, His help to all the devotees and the wonderful works of service and education that...
Personally, the Seva is every day a way to experience it differently, in each thing and in each activity to be performed. It makes you a more loving person with the brothers of the world and a more compassionate being. It is to see God in the other.