Issue 142 - September 22, 2019
Inspirational Note ...
In a Satsang held in the divine presence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2017 a devotee asks if our life is preordained and how an astrologer can predict our journey.

And here is what Swami said:

You are born wearing a necklace of all that you have done in the past, brought along with you, though unseen. Your past vasanas, your instincts, likes, dislikes and whatever you have accumulated will influence the way your birth will be.

One person becomes a musician by birth. How do you explain that one becomes a musician, without training? You cannot. Where is it coming from? Thus, astrologers can predict based on what you have brought forth – but, that does not mean that it cannot change. When you consult an astrologer, they will tell you that by divine grace, by one’s own effort, many things can be changed. What you do with your life today, based on the kind of company you join, based on the kind of things you learn and do, it will be affected in a great way.

Ultimately, astrologers may say that the date of death is certain. I also say that the date of death is certain unless there is divine intervention, which changes it for a good reason. Astrologers can only define this period, but how you will live this period is very much in your hands. It is as much in your hands, as it is in your destiny. If you choose correctly, you will surely be able to live the same period of time that has been given to you, in a better way.

Therefore, there is no hard and fast rule that it must be this way. It can be different too, based on God’s grace, the kind of good company you keep, and the things that you learn. At your level, understanding it like this is the best way.

However, one who has completely surrendered to God, who has no sense of doer‐ship, rises above the laws of the physical world and his life is different. For the one who has surrendered, has realized and risen above, these rules will not apply. For those who are not yet there, it is better to understand this way. Yes, there are certain things fixed because of what you have done in the past and have brought forward, but how you lead your life in this period largely depends on the choices that you make, the kind of company you keep and how you have used the opportunities that God gives you at every turn of your life.
Service Updates

Children’s Day in Argentina
In August, Argentina celebrated Children’s Day. The youth group took advantage of this opportunity to celebrate the child within and came together with the boys and girls from different service points. The youth from Buenos Aires, Salta and Iguazú served 2,580 people in total.

The youth of La Plata meet every Friday and cook for children of two dining rooms and a poor neighborhood. The menu chosen is pizza, rice with vegetables or vegetarian Milanese sandwiches, along with a fruit or dessert. In addition to this, for children's day they collected donations of toys to give to the children of the picnic area. In August, they served 425 people.
Canadian Newsletter September
Edition 2019
The Canadian Youths offer their prayerful Pranams to their loving Lord. The Youths of Alberta continued to serve food packets consisting of:

  •    A variety of Chocolate, Banana and Carrot Muffins
  •    A Banana
  •    Apple and Grape flavoured Juice Boxes
  •    Healthy Granola Bars

Value Based Workshops were conducted by the Institute of Human Development Canada.
Seva in Fremont, California
With excitement from the Sandwich Seva in August, the youth met again to make a small difference to some homeless people of the Bay Area. Parents and children gathered and prepared 108 sandwiches and served across three different homeless shelters in Oakland, California. They also distributed bananas and juice packs along with the sandwiches.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and put in extra effort to make the sandwiches with love and care. It was very inspiring to see the children take charge and prepare with zeal and passion!
Huntsville, Alabama Homeless Seva
September 13, 2019
Change is inevitable as time passes. Healthier options, particularly, higher-quality vegetarian ones are being offered as consciousness grows about proper diet. Their work is far from over and is just beginning. They are blessed to have Bhagawan’s guidance. Mankind is becoming more compassionate because of His steady, patient influence. These times are akin to the great turning points in the history of the human race! Only He knows the direction towards which the youth are progressing. These monthly opportunities are ones when they can reflect on Bhagawan’s grace upon them all and the multiple ways by which He is answering prayers.
Service At Drop-In Centre
For Homeless Youth - Houston Texas
It was a warm Thursday evening in Houston, Texas, as the youth geared up to serve at the local Drop-in Centre in Houston that serves the homeless youth at a local church. Approximately 25 homeless youth between the ages of 13 and 24 were lined up outside the church, eagerly awaiting the doors to open promptly at 6 PM. After they all settled in, a full course, warm dinner was served to them as the volunteers dined with the youth, engaging in light hearted banter and just letting kids be kids without any regulations or judgements. After the meal, the youth were taken to a large closet, two at a time, to help themselves to clothes, toiletries, diapers, snacks and so on, for them to take home with them. This coincided with the group activity that was scheduled for the week.