Issue 64 - March 25, 2018
Inspirational Note ...
How does one distinguish when is it Swami's guidance and when is it our mind talking? Swami's answer:

Now, you are asking a question and I must answer – but, if all the people here start speaking simultaneously, would you be able to hear My answer? There will be too much noise. If many people speak simultaneously in a hall, you will not be able to hear the voice of the speaker. In order to hear what Swami says from within you, you must shut out all the noise of the mind.

The mind tells you one thing today and another thing tomorrow. It keeps changing by the moment, so you cannot trust the mind. You have to trust the heart – but, when the heart speaks, it whispers. It is heard only when the mind is silent. It is why they say silence is ‘Sailence’. You can see Sai only when you are silent, not just silent in your mouth. Many people sit and put a piece of tape over their mouths so that they do not speak, but that is not the silence I am talking about. I am talking about keeping the mind silent. The mind is always trying to give suggestions, advice, instructions, arguments and judgments. It goes on doing that because that is the nature of the mind; it cannot remain silent. It keeps doing something or the other. Therefore, when the mind is so noisy, whatever I say, you cannot hear. First, calm down your mind. Before praying, give it guidance. You should pray, “Make my mind quiet,” so that you can hear what I have got to say. Then, all the delusions and dilemmas will be over. All the guidance is within; all knowledge is within. It is only because of the noise that you are unable to hear the voice. Cut down all the noise. Pray, mediate and bring your mind to a state of calmness; only then will you be able to hear Me clearly.
Service Updates
A Shower of Surprises, a Shower of Love
The aim of the project is to provide the homeless necessary food to take advantage of the day; because sometimes they are still sleeping in when the youth offer them breakfast. However, they wake them up with a complete breakfast so that they can carry out their activities. Approximately 120 people received breakfast together with a hygiene kit and clothes.
Foundation for the Centre
for Human Excellence
In the slide show (click on Read More button to see the slides) you can appreciate the form in which the Conceptual Design of the Centre was conceived, adapting almost perfectly to the land and distributing the areas according to Swami`s instructions, using Sacred Geometry. 
The devotees have been working on solving different legal matters concerning the land and providing all the elements required by the architects. The architects in charge of the design are not charging for their professional services, only for the fees of the draftsmen and support personnel.
Northern California Service
This month of March, 2018 saw the Bay Area devotees come together for a new service activity. The team joined one of the local body organizations lead by a council member of the city, to serve breakfast to children from low-income families. It was a great way to come together with fellow Americans who share the vision of selfless service and love for the upliftment of communities.
The team used the One World One Sai computer platform to plan, track and execute the project. A short demo was also shared with everyone during the One World One Sai Conference that happened during the first weekend of March in the Bay Area. The team plans to offer all service projects through One World One Sai at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!
Huntsville, Alabama Homeless Seva
March 16, 2018
The Huntsville - Downtown Rescue Mission (DRM), a homeless shelter served dinner to one-hundred and fifty people between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM . The dinner consisted of rice and peppers, mashed potatoes, pinto beans, and sliced pineapple.
The devotees are, after all, like children, being guided by their Divine Mother Sai, who wants them to contemplate on how they are being cared for, even if they are not always aware of it. They need to only follow Him in His footsteps as He continues to lead the way across the sands of time, like the beacon of a lighthouse during a stormy night at sea. Sai-incidentally, in this hall at the Downtown Rescue Mission, known for its lovely murals, the image of Christ rescuing Peter when his faith faltered is reflected currently in the lives of many devotees!
A Beacon of Light for Homeless Youth
Houston Youth Service
The volunteers were ready, the meals prepared, closets sorted and arranged prior to the doors opening. The youth slowly made their way in. Many were regulars with a few new ones who entered cautiously and apprehensively at first. Everyone was welcomed individually as they made their way to the tables where a full meal was served with utmost care and abundance. Many were asking for seconds. Some youth had small babies of their own as teenage and unplanned pregnancy continues to remain a serious issue in this group.
A Transformation Experience
My name is Moisés Guillermo Pérez Enríquez and I am 28 years old. In November 2017 I had the honour and the good fortune of being invited to play the music from Mexico at the “World Music Festival” in honour of the 92nd birthday of Sathya Sai Baba...
I am a violinist and singer, and together with my fellow musicians from Mexico we brought a selection of traditional Mexican music. My heart swelled with emotion when I was able to share with the world the beauty of my culture.