Issue 143 - September 29, 2019
2019 First - Third Quarter
Service Summary
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence in Singapore, when a devotee seeks guidance on mind meditation.

And here is what Swami said:

Just because your neighbour is taking some medicine for a headache, you cannot just go and take the same medicine. It might be for a particular person, based on his or her body composition, intensity of pain or disease. If you go to the same doctor, he may give you another prescription, another dosage or another way of taking the medicine, because that suits you better. One advice is not to take everything and apply it to yourself, except for namasmarana (repetition of the Lord’s name), as namasmarana is universal. You may take any name and chant it with love, as that will work – but, when you come to other kinds of kriyas, yoga and dhyana, you must exercise some caution through the help of a guru who can guide you. That kind of meditation is applicable to a particular person.

At the end of it, what must you experience? Not movements, not visions, nor lights or colours, but you must experience intense peace. If that intense peace is not there and your mind is only focused on the intermediate results, such as, ‘Did I see that? Did I see this? Did I experience that? Did I experience this? I heard that he experienced this; I heard that she experienced that,’ – then where is the meditation? It is only going this way and that way, like a pendulum, without reaching anywhere.

Peace is the product of meditation and must be experienced more than anything else. Focus on that. Forget the ritual part of it; forget the road and focus on the destination – that is what is important. Why can you not simplify it a little bit and just do namasmarana for a few days? Take any name, other than your husband’s, and chant. (Laughter) First, steady your mind, then you can move to higher sadhanas. If you have not learned ‘A, B, C, D’, you cannot write stories. Start with that, the simplest of all. Steady yourself, then you will understand all this.
2019 Region 3
First - Third Quarter Service Update
Service in Italy
Programme ‘Ispirazione’ (Inspiration), is hosted in the Italian language on the web radio ‘Sanathana Vani’ - the Voice Eternal - ( ). In this programme, book reviews; contemporary youth and their problems; spiritual personalities and human values are discussed. Interviews with people who have dedicated their lives for selfless service are also aired. 
• Every Monday, weekly online webinar study group on ‘Guru Vikas’ or teachers training is undertaken with 65 participants.
• Twice a week, a project on music therapy ‘Semi di Grazia Musicale’ - Seeds of Musical Grace (SMG) aims at supporting people with disabilities.
Once a month, the European Sai Youth Orchestra made up of 25 musicians under age 45, perform in a different city of Italy and Europe.
The Activity Report of Youth and the Polish Association From January to September 2019
  • The youth and elders who are members of the Polish Association participated in some activities from January to September 2019.
  • A booklet called The Message which covers the New Earth and the development of Cosmic Consciousness was prepared to be published in February. It was distributed free of charge.
  • The Association conducts ongoing workshops and lectures for many groups, depending on their awareness. Classes and workshops are conducted in the presence of the Robe of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, which the Polish group received in Muddenahalli in 2018. At each meeting there is meditation, discussion, transfer of Divine Energy and Arati.
Seva in the Netherlands
Inspired by Swami’s birthday celebrations last year, many youth in the Netherlands have become more active in Seva this year. The main activities were directly instructed by Swami to the youth of the Netherlands. An overview of how they have responded to the Divine command is included below. The youth pray to Swami to continue giving them these golden opportunities to serve Him and His mission!

Serving the Elderly
The youth visit an elderly home to spend time with the residents, share smiles and small talk, go for walks around their neighborhood and help them with their meals.
Service Projects in Germany
  • The longest standing and the most regular service project is the visit to an old age home in Munich. The youth group there is very happy to spend time with the elders, walking in nature, singing and playing games. Devotees and non-devotees join to engage the elders and fill their time in various activities!

  • During Christmas time, the youth group in Munich prepares Christmas packets with food and cookies for the homeless and distributes them.

United Kingdom Service
The youth in the UK participate in a variety of service initiatives. In this issue, they place a spotlight on feeding the homeless and the needy.

They currently serve at Strand in central London. A group of youth collectively prepare packed meals and walk around the area distributing them to those in need who they meet. Their objective is to go to those who, unable to travel, might not otherwise be provided with food.

The factors contributing to this highlight just how acute the problem is. These can include not being able to afford public transport, suffering from limiting physical and mental health conditions, the fear of losing their accommodation and belongings if they leave them behind or simply not being able to communicate with others to find out where they can get help.
Seva in Croatia
As of January 2019, once a month, the youth in Croatia organise a sadhana programme in the House of Unity, Krnjak by chanting Ekadasini Rudram and Gayatri Mantra, and singing . In March 2019, they inaugurated additional monthly workshops on various spiritual subjects in collaboration with other spiritual organisations in Croatia such as Art of Living and Yoga in Daily Life.
In Zagreb, the youth are teaching other youth how to sing and play instruments. Very often, they lead satsang for elders. All book promotions from Uvacha series were organised and promoted by the youth as well. Also, they are the first in learning and leading others in how to chant the Vedas.
Seva Projects in Kazakhstan
The youth provide assistance to single-parent families, primarily mothers raising multiple children and widowed mothers. Basic necessities such as food, hygiene products, clothes and school supplies are distributed. From January, the numbers of supported families has risen from four families to seven.

Moreover, Grama Seva was organised in a poor district near Almaty city in March and July, 2019. Families in need were provided with food.