Issue 100- December 02, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In 2016 one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence at Dubai. A devotee asked about the mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

And here is what Swami said:

What benefit is there to know what is happening at the ‘Bermuda Triangle’? First, find out what is happening within you. That itself is a great mystery to discover.

The earth is a great magnet. Its magnetism comes from certain minerals and elements, and this magnetic force is what keeps everybody together. If there is a strong magnet, what will happen? It will pull everything to itself. If it is a weak magnet, it will attract only to a certain extent. Earth is also like a magnet; it has its own powers distributed around.

The Bermuda Triangle is one such place where the magnetic waves are so strong that other waves get diminished or are lower, so they are not picked up. That is why no communications, no other tarangams or waves are seen or can be captured in that area. The power of the magnetic waves are so much that all the other waves become very low and cannot be captured.
 Service Updates
The Health on Wheels team conducted a rural outreach medical camp on the November 24, 2018, at Sote Village in rural Tailevu, Fiji Islands. The area was truly a remote location far away from any available medical services of any kind nearby. Sote village consists of approximately 180 to 200 villagers living in a mountainous region not far from Monasavu Dam which supplies electricity to a significant part of the country.
Service Projects in Melbourne
The first trial session at the Missionaries of Charity shelter was held at the inner city suburbs of Melbourne. There were 24 mothers and children and two sisters that attended. Many medical, dental screenings and consultations with the social worker were done. A childcare worker volunteered to spend time engaging the children and doing activities with them. Toys and gifts were given to the children and personal hygiene care packs were given to the mothers.
Youth for Youth
Indigenous Lunch and Australian Culture and Tradition Day
On Saturday, October 26, 2018, Heart of Love Ashram hosted a lunch for indigenous Elders and their families and postgraduate students from diverse countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Philippines, Nepal and South Korea studying at a college in Brisbane. After having lunch and dessert and a brief tour of the land, the aboriginal elders talked to the group of students about Australian history and culture. A graduate aborigine talked to the group about experiences of growing up in Australia.
Service in Perth, Australia
The youth in Perth assist at Minawarra House on a monthly basis. Another service project has begun with adults and youth from the Health in Kind Foundation (HIK).

On Saturday, November 17, 2018 the Perth HIK team served refugee families from CARAD (Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees). Medical check-ups involving ENT (ears, nose and throat), diabetes, osteoporosis, dermatology and sleep hygiene assessments/education was done. Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Level screenings were also performed. The group also had Qi Gong (a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi) and henna for fun and relaxation!
Pooja Sai Ashram Blood Donation
The demand for blood donation is still high in Bali. On November 18, 2018 youth and sevadal from Pooja Sai Ashram held their quarterly blood donation. The event was held in their own Ashram . Preparations were made the day before, to organise the surrounding area and prepare some food. The local Red Cross team prepared the necessary equipment on the day of the event.
A Blessed Opportunity
Recently, we were blessed with Seva at six primary schools during Grama Seva , World Youth Meet 2018. As part of the Grama Seva we boarded a van with laddus to distribute to school children. We were accompanied by 17 youth...
The organiser said they were doing breakfast service daily and could join them anytime. Towards the last stage, they learnt the Bhajan Manasa Bhajore Gurucharanam. After finishing the final school we walked to the van singing the Bhajan lead by the youth and had a group photo taken which had Sai Anandam and the Clock Tower as a background. We experienced pure bliss and thoroughly enjoyed and were motivated by Swami’s Love to take on more responsibility!