Issue 161 - January 26, 2020
Inspirational Note ...
In 2016 one of the Satsangs during Swami's visit to Japan a devotee asked how to find true happiness?

Here is what Swami said:

In most countries, in rural areas, a well must be dug to get water out of the earth. To reach the water, which is deep down below, what do you have to do? You have to dig and remove the sand, the earth and stones and rocks, before the water comes. If you want the pure water in the well to quench your thirst, you must put in the effort of moving layer after layer of sand, stone and earth, before finally reaching the water. Going within is a similar process.

First, the layer of ‘I’ has to be removed. All selfishness, all self-interest, all such desires that pertain only to oneself have to be discarded. That is what is called ‘Tamasic qualities’ – animal qualities. Then you go a little deeper, and you have to remove even Rajasic qualities. What are Rajasic qualities? Doership is Rajasic. Even to help others, you should not have the feeling, ‘I am the one who is helping them’ – then everything is a waste. When you remove the layers of both Tamasic and Rajasic qualities, then you will get the Sattwic qualities of purity, love and compassion. When you live in that thought of purity and selflessness 24/7 – that is like getting the water. Birth after birth, layers of rock, sand and earth have piled over the water. Layer by layer, you must remove and go deep.

First, selfishness and self-interest have to be removed. Even when you engage in selfless acts, you are not the doer. Doership has to be removed. Finally, only the pure and divine qualities will remain - that is the closest to your Divine Self. In one day, you cannot dig a well and reach the water. Slowly, layer by layer, day after day, you must keep making efforts, until you find the water. In the whole world, all the water has gone below and a lot of dryness has come up. The heart, which was once a fertile, green land, has now become a dry desert land. Therefore, pray to God to shower the rains of love on you, so that the water comes up soon and you can reach it fast. With both self-effort and God’s grace, you can achieve this.
Service Updates
Seva Activities of Argentine Youth
During the month of December, 2019, the youth of Argentina distributed 2,248 meals in different points of the Country. The cities involved in the Seva activities are: Buenos Aires, Escobar, Morón, La Plata, Iguazú and Salta. The youths serve food to the homeless of their own communities every week.
Food Distribution Service Report
From its inception in June 2019 until its latest delivery on January 12, 2020, Narayana Seva 's volunteer group, linked to Casa Sai Amor Infinito – Sai Infinite Love House (Anantha Prema Sai House), in Recife, Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil, distributed a total of 5,469 meals. In December 2019, a total of 1,085 meals were delivered to homeless and socially vulnerable people. In the first two weekends of the new year of 2020, the Narayana Seva group of Casa Sai Amor Infinito have already distributed a total of 414 meals.
Seva Activities by Youth in Rio de Janeiro
In the last weeks of December and the first week of January, it was not possible to hold distributions. The youth have started the weekend service again. They start with a harmonisation of the group by chanting Pranava (Om) and Gayatri three times and then request the blessings of Sathya Sai Baba to conduct the service. They then begin, with one part of the group participating in the preparation of meals and packaging for distribution and another part which is also present in the making, goes for distribution on the streets.
Canadian Newsletter January Edition 2020
The youths of Canada continued the weekly food distribution to the needy despite freezing temperatures that have engulfed them all. The cold weather did not hamper the spirits as they were selfless and compassionate.
The youths have also started teaching Vedam classes every Friday to those who wish to learn and chant more proficiently.
Feeding the Needy in Oakland, California
January 19, 2020 Yet another new decade! With full motivation, the youth and children started the first month with Seva , to prepare sandwiches and serve it to the homeless people and shelters of Oakland in California. A total of 155 sandwiches were prepared and served across three different homeless shelters and also on the streets of Oakland, Each meal had a vegetable or peanut butter-jelly sandwich, a banana and an orange.
Feed the Need Seva in Houston, Texas
On a beautiful Saturday morning in Houston, Texas, the youth were in full strength with a total of nine volunteers for the monthly Feed the Need service. At least 108 sandwiches were made and packed with a juice and a snack. Even little children of some of the youth have started to participate. The sandwiches are made with Tofurkey, pickles, cheese, mayonnaise and mustard. Once the sandwiches are packed in sandwich bags, they are all placed together in the centre of the room and the youth chant in unison Nine OMs and the Gayathri Mantra followed by Samastha Loka Prayers to charge the food with Divine Love so that it turns into Prasadam .
Through Narayana Seva
I have worked in the distribution of food to the homeless since December 2017, in Rio de Janeiro, when we started our project called Narayana Seva. Today, remembering that time, I see the beginning of a change that comes from the inside out, as it starts from my inner self and grows gradually. At first, it was not easy; it seemed that everything led me to give up.
Seva - A Personal Experience
Karla Lopez travelled to Muddenahalli from Tlaxcala, Mexico for Swami´s Birthday, representing Mexico at the Youth Meet in 2019. It was her first visit to India and her English was limited, but as a Spiritual Healer she saw, heard and felt more than most. Here is her story...