Issue 258 - 02 January, 2021
ātmano mokshārtam
(Emancipation of one’s self)
New Year Message – Sai Mission is My Mission
नाहं मनुष्यो न च देव-यक्षौ
न ब्राह्मण क्षत्रिय वैश्य शूद्राः ।
न ब्रह्मचारी न गृही वनस्थो
भिक्षुर्न चाहं निजबोध रूपः ॥
अहं सद्गुरुं सत्यबोधकः
अहं सद्गुरुं जनसेवकः ॥

nāhaṃ manuṣyo na ca deva yakṣau
na brāhmaṇa kṣatriya vaiśya śūdrāḥ ।
na brahmacārī na gṛhī vanastho
bhikṣurna cāhaṃ nijabodha rūpaḥ ॥
ahaṃ sadguruṃ satyabodhakah
ahaṃ sadguruṃ janasevakah ॥
I am not a human or a god or demigod. I belong to no caste— brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, vaiśya, and śūdrāḥ. I also don’t belong to the four stages of life— brahmacārī, gṛhasti, vanasprasti, and sanyasi. Neither am I a renunciate. I am absolute Consciousness. I am simply a guide, a teacher of truth, and servant of the society. I chose this day to speak to all the devotees, followers, well-wishers, students, staff and everyone else who is related to this mission in some way or the other because only on a new year day I can get everybody’s attention.
The calendar new year, it’s a moment in time which helps us to look at our past, understand our present and plan for the future. It is a very beautiful moment in time. Moments are there every day but we don’t give them the required attention, the needed seriousness and respect. Only on the new year, we think of what we were, we think of what we are, and we also think of what we want to be. All this is encapsulated in this new year moment.
I thought to begin with defining who I am? I simply a teacher of to teach the truth, a guide to guide on the path of spirituality and service. No more and no less. And this is what I have been tasked with. This is what is my lot in this lifespan. This is what is my purpose and destiny! And therefore, I must fulfill it come what may. Today, I speak to you as Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai. Ten years ago, a call came from within, to do more than just earn a livelihood, to make life comfortable for me and my family. This call was not from outside, it was from within. This yearning needed guidance, support, mentorship and a guru. And because there was yearning to do good, it found its way to the guru, where the guru was waiting. Till then Sathya Sai Baba, our Swami, our Bhagawan was a mother, father, friend and a confidant. But then he assumed the role of a guru, who led the path. It was easy for me to walk as you have to simply follow. Just like children walk behind their parents without even knowing which road they are walking on or knowing the difficulties which they are going to face. They blindly, in complete faith follow their parents. It was so for me for last nine years. Come tenth year, in the midst of a dense deep forest where you don’t see your father or mother, standing all alone, crying out to them for help. Only I was able to listen to them saying, "Yes we are here. Keep walking. Don't look back." But I am anxious, worried as to am I on the right path? Am I doing the right things? Am I saying the right things? Am I thinking in the right way? I am used to walking behind you, with you holding your hand and now I’m alone, standing all by myself. Am I right? Am I correct? These questions started clouding my being. I was only able to hear a distant reply which kept saying, “Keep walking! Keep walking!” Listening and obeying to which I kept walking.
In a way, the COVID pandemic time was an eye opener to everyone including myself. It opened the inner eye. It opened the eye that showed me the real truth - that you can’t walk behind anybody, anymore. You must walk nevertheless even If you are alone. That father figure, that guardian angel, that guru the master was nowhere to be seen as He was for so many years before. In the midst of darkness and gloomy forest during the COVID, when things were falling apart, you are all by yourself standing. Yet the words kept ringing in my ears, “Keep walking. Keep walking, You are on the right path. Be selfless and fearless. Keep walking.” All I did was walking. When I walked, hundreds and thousands walked with me. That is how we are here where we are.
When the disciple is ready, the guru appears. When the disciple is really ready, the guru disappears. guru appeared when there was readiness to listen and follow. guru disappeared when he thought that it was enough. In chemistry, there is a term called catalysts. This catalyst appears in the right time to increase the speed of the reaction or to enable the reaction, to make the products happen. And when the reaction is over and the products have formed, the catalyst disappears. In a sense, its role is over. A guru is like a catalyst. He comes to you in the right time, to make sure you do what you have got to do. And once he knows that you are capable of doing things independently, he disappears. So now many of you might wonder, where is our Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba? You told He was in sthulaśarīra (physical body), then sūkṣmaśarīra (subtle form), where is He now? He is in ALL! This is what I have found out.
It is we, who confined Him to a name and form, just like our parents. One day we are going to lose them. We can’t walk all the times holding their fingers. We will learn to walk by ourselves. That is the role He played. From being a mother, father, brother, sister, friend, confidant and more importantly a guru. He became one with everyone. Therefore, the responsibilty, onus of walking was no more His. He was not there to prod, to push and to cajole, even to sometimes threaten to walk. It was just not there. He simply said - "Keep walking."
To be very truthful, I fell in love with Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba not because I knew that He was God. I had no experience of His divine miracles. I had heard them as a boy, but I didn’t know. The very first time when I reached Puttaparthi from Dharmavaram station, when I was travelling with my guardian in a public transport to āśrama, he showed me the super speciality hospital for the poor, where they don’t even charge a rupee to the patients. I instantly fell in love with Baba. I knew He is different and not like other gurus, who sits on a high pedestal and keeps giving lectures after lecture. He is not a spiritual luminary, who goes around the world attending workshops and conferences, inaugurating and closing various meetings and events. He is much more than that. He is a practical guru. Why should He build a hospital being a spiritual person? He can mind His ownself like most of the head monks do, the business of teaching and preaching. No, He worked for people and that actually made me fall in love with Swami. That made me feel so much of closeness to Him. I think there that story began. Of course, after which physical darshan happened and rest is know to all as to what happens next, you lose yourself. Even today, I the speaker of truth, I am teacher of truth and I cannot lie. I must tell you the truth.
When I walk amidst you, I simply walk as the representation of the Divinity and not a representation of a particular form of Divinity. I walk with you; I walk amidst you because that is what Divine Wills. A minute before, I do not know, a minute after, I have no memory. I simply follow, what is been asked of me by the Divinity. I now understand who my Master was, is and will be. Why this theme was picked up today? Someone said to me to give a message for new year. I could have continued—be good, see good, do good, be truthful, be service-minded, be sacrificing, love and serve each other, it can go on like that. We have heard year after year every new year and we have put efforts to practise it. But today I want to tell you, that ‘you and I are not different’ in this mission of Sai. Just because I speak from this side and you listen from the other that does not make us separate from each other. This does not make me higher and you lower. This does not make any difference. It’s a role that is meant to be. Everyone is casting role as everyone has to play their own role. Everybody is doing so in the best of their capabilities. What I mean by ‘Sai Mission is My Mission’ is, till we think that we are working for someone, we will never work enough. We will never work with all ourself, with complete investment of time and energy, our thoughts and emotions. We will hold something for ourselves back. While we work for somebody, there is you and there is somebody. But when you work for yourself, it is only you. You are complete. Every cell of yours is involved and invested in that work. This is what I was told, when I was standing in the dark forest of loneliness looking around for help, guidance, hold another finger to hold and walk further, this is what was told—This is your mission, work for it. To do good to the world is everyone’s mission and all of us are born to do the same. In that good, everything else happens. Good happens to us also. In the welfare of the world, our welfare is looked after. There is no separate effort. But those who put efforts to look after themselves first and the world next, they are doing it wrong. This is what I have learnt. Do good to everybody, your good is looked after, it is taken care of. So I asked again and again
Today, I am here with a name and a form and whichever way you relate to me, it’s fine. If tomorrow I am not there in this place, because of time and situations, what are you going to do then? Will you search for another name and form to cling on to, to derive solace and comfort, courage and confidence? Or would you learn to walk and fly all by yourself. I thought that I would be doing great disservice by making all of you dependent on another name and form. I would not have achieved what I have set out to achieve. Therefore, it is important for me to convey, that each one must walk on their own two feet as you are capable of it. You are God, you are Divine as you are!
aṣṭāvakra says,

मुक्ताभिमानी मुक्तो हि बद्धो बद्धाभिमान्यपि ।     
किंवदन्तीह सत्येयं या मतिः सा गतिर्भवेत् ॥
muktābhimānī mukto hi baddho baddhābhimānyapi ।
kiṃvadantīha satyeyaṃ yā matiḥ sā gatirbhavet ।।  
Those who think they are free; they are free now and here! Those who think they are bound; they are bound for ever. Whatever you think, that is what you are and become. This is the truth of Ashtavakra. You are free as you are but why you feel you are not free? Because you don’t believe that you are free. You are afraid that you aren’t free and try to depend on things to feel comfortable. The day you ask yourself - the belonging that you possess - the pen that you have in your pocket, whether you have it or be given to somebody doesn’t make any difference to you, is the day you are free. The day I gave up the idea of holding back things for myself is the day that I became free. There was no fear, selfishness, there was only abundance. If you want to work for Sai, you have to work as Sai. Anything less than that wouldn’t be a good contribution to Sai’s work. Sai is selflessness personified. The moment you worry about your watches, phones, businesses, homes, family, etc., and is holding you back from doing good, know that you aren’t free. It does not mean everyone abandons everything they own to become free. Even then you might not be free because you might think - "I am abandoning everything – the doership." The day when it doesn’t matter whether it is there or not there is the day when we are free. There is no effort to get rid of it or effort to gain and hold. Both don’t exist in such situation. Till then we are bound, knowingly or unknowingly and dependent. Till then this work has not happened.
While the service activities will go on, more people will come and more things will happen as per the Divine Will. It is not mine or your will or anybody’s will. We like to attribute it to somebody, some person, some name or form, that’s up to us. But the truth is there is one Brahman and His Will. And that Brahman works through the ones who are pure and selfless, whose only motto in life is to do good to others. Such people are not worried about themselves, they are concerned about others welfare. To them that Divinity comes on its own, looking for them, embraces and transforms them into Divine, and achieves great things. This is the physical earthly example in front of you. Most of the times we shake our heads in disbelief saying this is not my cup of tea. Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Sri Sathya Sai Baba were avatars so they were able to do such great things. This is not my work and meant for me. I am here to come have darshan, feel good, and return back to fulfil my obligations as a bound human being. This thought has to be discarded. As I am, now and here, I am Divine and I must live in accordance with it. If there is a trace of selfishness, there will be fear. Where there is fear, God cannot be there. God is abhayasya pārebeyond the duality of fearful and fearless. If there is fear, there is selfishness, If there is selfishness there cannot be God. Sai mission is about you being that God that you are meant to be. Being that God, all the good will happen. Only when we refrain being God bad things happen. This is the essence of this year's message. This year let us strive to be God, so that good can happen through each one of us. Please contemplate on this thought.
An excerpt from the Divine discourse delivered by Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai on the new year day – January 01, 2022.
Editor's Note
Sairam Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It’s time we step in and take charge! Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai called me a couple of days ago. We had a very deep conversation, and as I walked out of the interview room it seemed like an epiphany; snippets of life gushed in front of my mind’s eye.
As a little girl, all I wanted was to be with Sathya Sai. This was my life’s dream, aspiration, ambition…call it what you may. And though I was fortunate to study at His Feet, I had to go far away from Him beyond the shores of India. Something seemed amiss, as I wanted to ‘be with Him’. Then, it finally happened soon after the physical departure; I returned to India and met Sri Madhusudan.
I watched Sri Madhusudan, like they say – up, close, and personal. I met him as a Divine communicator, who gradually became a good friend, and then a dear brother as the days rolled by. We chatted, we joked, we laughed, we ate, we travelled, we wrote books…and I continued watching and observing him. He taught me gradually and slowly to outgrow the idea of wanting to ‘be with Him’. He taught me that ‘Sai’ is NOT a person. He taught me that ‘Sai’ is NOT confined to a place. He taught me that from a Divine point of view everything and everyone IS ‘Sai’ in the true sense. It was like watching a silkworm gradually breaking open from the cocoon and transforming itself into a butterfly – free, yet mindful, and aware. This person who was right next to me suddenly attained the ultimate stature! And to do that, we can only imagine the amount of courage and selflessness from his end; to me, unparalleled! This inspired me and continues to inspire me every single moment with a question constantly running at the back of my head – how can I be a resemblant…a ditto?
Looking back, in the last ten years, I can say that I have become more selfless, just by watching Sri Madhusudan Sai. I packed and threw away all my ideas, wishes, wants, desires for the sake of the greater good. I realised that I have someone I can look up to, by my side, my very own contemporary. In the last ten years from a simple appreciation, it has grown into adoration! I am NOT looking at a Divine descent who has to inspire me, for often times I have rejected the idea. I am looking at a fearless and selfless person who has taken up the task of His Master, Sathya Sai. Being selfless and fearless is spirituality. And, then I thought to myself – our Master is the same! If I also want to make my Master happy, just as Sri Madhusudan Sai did, what am I supposed to do
While on one side we have the responsibility to uplift the downtrodden, on the other hand we have the responsibility to uplift ourselves, so that we can uphold the mission. Many of us unwarily say ‘we are part of the Sai Mission’, and it is time we carefully ponder over this and realign our thought process and ask ourselves – What is Sai? Who is Sai? What is this Sai Mission? And where do we fit in? Is all this the task and charge of only one person – that of Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai? But who is Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai? Well, He said it on many occasions that He is just another instrument who has been given the task, just like each one of us. It’s time we believe and understand that we have the same potential – that we are indeed potentially Divine. It’s about the realised potential – which means someone has realised their Divine potential like Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai; and unrealised potential – which I guess is all of us, as we still cannot fathom the fact that we are Divine. That’s all that there is to this enigma, which we must all slowly begin to realise and experience. But the bigger question, how serious are we exactly? Do we want to give up our individualities, desires, likes, dislikes, and wants, or like Sadguru would say, ‘do we simply want to hold on to our marbles and diamonds, petrified to part with our dear possessions?’ We must make place. We must make space. We must let go.
Sathya Sai taught us to walk on our two feet! Gone are the times when we were dragging our feet, trailing, lagging behind, and happy to be bystanders. Quite literally, watching from the side wings. It’s like a father who is expected to work and toil beyond his retirement age. But shouldn’t we shoulder the responsibility of the father – our Master – as we grow up?
And what is this responsibility? Well, He has left behind such a huge task for us. It’s not yet done on both sides – service and spirituality. It’s time we step in and take charge, as it is not the responsibility of only one person!
So, isn’t the Sai Mission my Mission? To me, it indeed is…Sai Mission is my Mission! What about you?

Bhuvana Santhanam
My Story
The Power of Self-transformation
By Nagaraj Needungchilin
Safety and Health Practitioners Officer, Malaysia
My mantra— ‘Let Go and Let God’, indeed has embedded naturally into my life. As I walk you through my self- transformation journey, knowingly or unknowingly, I have taken steps into a journey which has indeed brought a new perspective of life. My magnificent transformation journey began when I entered Sai Ananda āśrama in Malaysia. Since a young boy, I have been exposed to bhajans and seva activities, etc., and ever since I can remember, I have always believed in Swami, for I know that is the ultimate truth.
During my earlier years at the āśrama, I was the unruly student who was often disciplined by the Balvikas teachers. Imagine the degree of misbehaving and disobedience I portrayed then. I recalled an incident, while pursuing a professional development course in ‘Occupational Safety and Health’, I struggled due to the heavy workload and, in addition, the complexity of the questions. I was certain that I would not be able to pass the paper and, moreover, didn't have the money to retake the examination. Nevertheless, my confidence in Swami was unwavering, and I truly believed that everything will unfold according to His Divine plan, for he has chosen this pathway. The day arrived, and I passed with flying colours. I knew it was Swami and Swami alone who wrote the answers, and I know it was him. In many discourses, Swami has said, “If you take one step towards Me, I will take a hundred towards you.’’ In the beginning, with my confused state of mind, I was unclear but when I witnessed Swami's hands in everything I encountered in my life, I knew it was supposed to be phrased in his way and his way alone.
As a young youth, trying to balance work and spiritual life, I began to contemplate each and every word of Swami and try to implement it in my daily life. Despite many difficulties, I tried applying His teachings because I understood the intention behind every word of Swami. I began to experience a new life, with many changes and transformations within myself, which led me to go inwards. The transformation from being the most mischievous child to the most well-behaved child in the family, my parents and siblings began to notice the changes in me which translated to great values amongst the family members. From being a compulsive meat eater to a staunch vegetarian, I wonder how these changes came about and shaped me? Deep rooted in me was Swami teachings which have verily framed my life sketch in right values. Swami once remarked in one of his speeches, “I have chosen you, you cannot choose me.” Swami has chosen all of us in this path, yet at times we take all his teachings for granted. I gave up all my personal desires and intersts and chose to become what Swami wants me to be as I know ultimately, He wants us to become divine like Him. One of my favourite quotes which inspired me into this path is by Paramahansa Yogananda “Self-realisation is the knowing in all parts of body, mind, and soul that you are now in possession of the kingdom of God; that you do not have to pray that it come to you; that God’s omnipresence is your omnipresence; and that all that you need to do is improve your knowing.”
Deliberately, there is no end for a spiritual seeker who continuously discovers the purpose for his birth under the guidance of his guru. With consistent and focused mind, I made a significant progress watching ‘Master the Mind’ and ‘kaṭhopaniṣad’ series delivered by Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai. Amazing, yet a meaningful experience as I feel the blessings of this discovery. I'm pleased to state that, by following this spiritual path, I've altered the perspective of life which allowed me to begin living the life that Swami desires. I begin to ‘Let Go and Let God’ as He is the doer. By accepting this truth, all our speech becomes a conversation with God, all our actions will become a service to Him and we would be unconsciously thinking of Him at all times. That is the power of self-transformation which will lead us to self-realisation.
Self Development
To help reach Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s human values-based education to the world, and to resuscitate the humanness of humanity, the Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence launched a unique, first-of-its-kind Institute of Human Values, to offer tailor-made courses totally free of any charges, curated by experts from around the world. The Vision of the Institute is to make better humans in their personal and professional spheres, by making them more sensitive towards society’s needs and exploring ways of their contribution to society in a meaningful and selfless manner, thereby creating a sense of global citizenship and responsibility.

The courses will help an individual balance the inside and outside, while progressively being a better human being, that will ultimately help him or her unravel the true meaning and purpose in life.

Learning from the heart is spiritual awakening, Baba would say. The Institute of Human Values is the first step to help lead the world into the beautiful awareness of its heart – a heart that operates from the universal human values of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa.

Log on to today!
You are not the body-mind complex, neither are you the jivātman – a spark of paratmātman; you are that paratmātman – the universal consciousness, manifesting as jivātman in the body and mind.

The moment one questions oneself as to who is he/she is in reality, instead of asking others for their introduction, one would experience the true nature of himself/herself. The senses have the tendency to go outwards according to the law of nature. These senses cannot perceive or understand God, as it is beyond their capacities and capabilities. Only when one turns them inwards the latent divinity can be experienced.

In episode 39, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai expounds the requisites for experiencing the universal consciousness which everyone truly is!
“Have you forgotten God? Even if you have, he has not forgotten you.”

– Moses
jagat hitāya
(Welfare of the World)
The sevā of feeding 50 families on daily basis is continued even today in Sai Ananda āśrama. In addition, 80 families in need were also provided with the monthly provisions. 
In the town of Penang, the initiative of feeding the homeless is an ongoing sevā with much more enthusiasm. In collaboration with various NGOs, the common youth, willingly participate in the noble service of feeding the hungry stomachs on weekly basis.