Issue 90 - September 23, 2018
Inspirational Note ...
In 2015 one of the Satsangs held in the divine presence at Encinitas, USA. A devotee seeks advice on the journey from the mind to the heart?

And here is what Swami said:

For one who thinks it is difficult, it is difficult. For one who thinks it is easy, it is easy. Many bad teachers make the subject more complicated and difficult than what it is. Just because not many have learned the subject, it does not mean that it is tough. It only means that they did not have the right guidance, and did not put in enough effort. You make an effort and you will definitely attain results. The mind is just a bundle of desires. Can we get rid of all the desires? Very difficult. But what can we do? We can replace a lower desire with a higher desire. You can replace your very selfish physical desires with more selfless, intellectual desires. From intellectual, progress to emotional desires. Become better and better and you will get closer to your heart. Every step you take towards the East, makes you go further away from the West. Similarly, every step you take to move away from the mind will take you closer to the heart. You take one step, I will take a hundred steps! It’s very easy, just replace your lower thoughts with higher thoughts, and don’t let the body blindly follow the mind. If you can take care of these two things, you can get rid of the mind very soon. You can listen only to your heart and be happy.
Service Updates
Children’s Day
In Argentina, Children’s Day (Día del Niño) is celebrated during August and the youth prepared surprises for the children that they meet every Sunday when they serve breakfast. Additionally, thanks to the donations offered by the people keen on serving, the youth brought underwear, hats, gloves and scarfs to provide warm clothes to the homeless.
Canadian News September 2018
We would like to surrender our service to Bhagawan . His Love is felt in our homeless friends. Today, an elderly woman on the street said, “Thank you, Baba”. A perfect reminder that Bhagawan is constantly in the process of serving. He is the doer. Thank you, Swami, for allowing us to render this loving service.
Bay Area Outreach
The Sai youth around the country re-spun the wheel of research to find able homeless teens. In the Bay Area, the Sai youth connected with multiple sources and the county to get in touch with multiple youth shelters in San Jose, Oakland, Redwood City and other parts of the Bay Area in order to reach out to more homeless youth population.
The focus of these presentations was to identify and help place interested candidates into an employment training program as housing was already taken care of for them through these shelters. By  Bhagawan’s  grace, Sai Ashraya’s awareness program is growing and new employment trainers and youth shelters have been collaborating with the group. 
Breakfast  Seva  in Huntsville, Alabama
The breakfast service began with a Bible Verse and exhortation for all, to truly love one another. A spirit of love prevails between the staff, volunteers, and homeless shelter residents, including both women and children at Huntsville, Alabama, USA’s Owen’s House. Volunteers inspired the residents to keep moving forward and do the best they could, and the residents in turn reciprocated by being hopeful and grateful. Children were gleefully playing, eager to attend school and learn new things. Staff members were optimistic about the work being done there to help the residents, who vary in age, to get back on their feet.
September in Kansas City
The journey began - as many things do - on a whim. After a fruitful and love-filled visit to California in June, to rendezvous with their Divine Master and the youth from around the world; the youth from Kansas City were inspired to start playing their own small role to expand Swami’s Mission. They were especially touched by the stories of the kids in California who were taken off the street and were given a new lease on life. These young souls were the first to have been given refuge through Sai Ashraya, an initiative which had been commissioned a few years prior by Swami, an initiative with the stated goal of permanently ending homelessness.