Issue 80 - July 15, 2018
Inspirational Note...
In one of the Satsangs during Swami's 2016 visit to Suffolk, UK, a devotee asked how one can keep their hearts open for love and how we know its not closed.

And here is what Swami said:

Have you ever seen a river? The river melts the biggest rocks in its way and makes sand out of them. If you are loving enough to everybody, their hardness will also melt away in the flow of your love. You should try and love, come what may. A sandalwood tree, when felled, still exudes fragrance; it doesn’t think of the fact that it has been injured. Similarly, your nature is to love. So what if others did not love you? It is their misfortune that they are not able to love. You are fortunate that you are still able to love. Love will melt away all the hardness, in time. Start loving – that is important.
Service Updates
Bees are coming for the Nectar…
Youth in Cyprus

  • Narayana Seva – 850 meals served to poor families and individuals.
  • Fundraising to support an NGO that assists impoverished local Cypriot families as well as immigrants
  • Donated clothes to immigrants in need
  • Re-furbished a house for a poor and downtrodden household
  • Supported the Greek team’s Narayana Seva with regular donations in large quantities of dry foods.
Youth in Greece

  • A very positive month at the Nectar of Love Seva centre, with more and more new youth joining and taking part in the service activities.
  • To approximately 60 impoverished families, the youth packaged and distributed boxes filled with dry food, cleaning products and basic household items. The youth are also giving them clothes.
  • Narayana Seva – 2,500 meals served to homeless Greeks.
  • Weekly Mantra & Veda study sessions, mainly for the youth.
  • Translation team completed and published the Greek edition of “The Story Divine”, by Madhusudan Naidu. Furthermore, they are currently publishing the “Uvacha Series 3”. Both will be offered at the Divine Lotus Feet at Guru Poornima in India. Finally, the Greek and English version of the Divine Visit to Greece (2018) will be published very soon. 
Association of Voluntary Workers in Italy
The association of voluntary workers, Ayurville was created just a few months ago. So much has happened in such a short few months that they hope to do this article justice by not missing out on anything while sharing the spirit and energy that lies in all of them even though some of the association members are physically distant.
It all started years ago, at a time when many of them did not know one another yet; although Someone was “preparing” them. They used to do whatever was possible with Amrita’s school of Yoga “Sathya Yoga”, wherever and whenever necessary, in Italy, India, Nepal or elsewhere. They used to do whatever they could to the maximum of their abilities; although at that point in time an actual Seva group did not exist. The Seva activities were carried out by those who happened to be interested at the moment.
Journey of Transformation
As a teaching assistant working in a school for the last three years, it always seemed impossible that we would be able to attend Swami’s birthday in India during term time. When Swami visited UK in April 2017, during the last of His Satsangs , He casually asked those...
Constant guidance and feedback from Swami of our meetings and our conclusions kept up the motivation, the energy and the excitement. My first few attempts at this were just not deep enough, He wanted more and more. I was forced to dive deeper and really think about this and bring out the truth.