Issue 141 - September 15, 2019
Inspirational Note...
During a Satsang held in the divine presence in California, USA, 2016, when sought for blessings for the work on world peace mission.

Here is what Swami said:

The work itself started with so many blessings. It started through divine will so, certainly, it cannot be stopped; it will happen. As long as you are selfless and you do it only for the sake of bringing harmony and peace in the world and are ready to make any sacrifices that are needed to do it, no one can stop it. The blessings are there in abundance.

I know your work, the effort you are putting in and the journey that you are undertaking. All these will find fruition. In the spiritual path, no effort will go to waste. Isaac told you that even a thought, once created, has tremendous power and even if you die, your thoughts, energy and the power do not die.

So, even the thought that the world should have peace and you must do something about it, has very powerful consequences. When you add words to that thought and then actions to those words, it manifests.

Come to Muddenahalli whenever you wish – it is a temple and the doors are open 24 hours a day. Anyone is allowed in – I say that nobody should ever be refused. Can anyone refuse admittance to the doors of God? Not at all, so it is open; come with your group. Tell her and tell the others, that they must continue to do the work, they must not stop. The work must take place on many, many sides, from all directions, not just from one direction – you must come from all directions, from all sides and solve the issues. Only when you approach it like that, will the problems dissolve and disappear. The blessings are there; you can do it! Seek Narasimha Murthy's blessings, too, so that you get accommodation there. He is in charge.
Service Updates
Seva Activities In Greece
The Greek group continues to support the homeless every week, distributing 250 packets of sandwiches, fruits, sweets and fruit juices. Youth and elders are working in unison, full of joy and love, cherishing the opportunity given to them by Bhagawan to help the less fortunate. After the preparation of the packets, there is time for meditation and discussion for further Seva projects.

Additionally, every month, the team distributes 70 boxes to families facing health and financial problems. Each month, the boxes contain products that are deemed useful for the family and for household purposes. These include personal hygiene products, household cleaning products and food supplies with a long shelf life. The team is trying to alternate each month, to meet different needs; as would be done in any household.
Seva in Poland - update
1) The Association has continued to cooperate with the Warsaw Seva Association (WSA) which has been feeding homeless people five times a week for two years now. They have started to help WSA in food preparation and distribution of meals to homeless people. This July, ten people from the Association LOVE ALL - SERVE ALL took part in this Seva .

2) In July, about 20 people from Poland took part in the Guru Poornima celebrations in Muddenahalli. Some of the people helped every day in preparing food in the kitchen.
I Feel, Thus I Am
Three Learnings in Three Days
I think thus I am’: With this, René Descartes established the foundation of being. The importance delegated to viewing the world through this imperative has been a major building block of my upbringing and up until now, has served me well; or has it? Assisi, one of these special places: When he stayed with the Franciscaners during his journey...
When staying in Assisi, one can feel that it is a special place. Staying a weekend with the youth group, I can say for sure it is a special place. But to describe the actual emotional experience would, on one hand degrade the experience itself and on the other, words are insufficient to describe it fully. Finally, every one of us experiences these things differently, so the best thing may be to just come along and find out for oneself!