SCSW Youth Gathering Update

February 2, 2024

This message is being sent to all congregations in the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin who have registered for the 2024 ELCA Youth Gathering as of January 30. THANK YOU for all you are doing to get your youth ready for the Gathering. Know that you are loved and supported. Below are some updates along with further information to be on the lookout for as you continue to get ready.

There are 350 of us from the synod who are going to be a part of the Gathering including 200 of you who have chosen to fly with us as well.

If there are other adult leaders from your congregation who you think should also be getting my emails please let me know their email address.

As always, if you have questions or need help in your preparations please do not hesitate to reach out.

Pastor Jason Poole-Xiong

Gathering Synod Champion or (608) 387-8560

First, we are actively planning for ways to build community and connect our congregations together. One way we have done this in the past is by holding a Synod Gathering Kick-off event. We have had the date of June 1 on save the date materials and want to hear from you whether you think this would be beneficial for you and your group. We are hoping to keep the cost as low as possible ($5-$10 per person) and the event would be a couple hours beginning late-morning and include lunch. So, please respond to our question below:

Would your group attend a Gathering Kick-off Event on Saturday, June 1?

Once we gather this information we will share more details. If you would like to help us plan this event please reach out to me ASAP.

Synod T-Shirt Design Contest

There is a long tradition among synods to offer a matching t-shirt that everyone attending the Gathering will wear on our "Synod Day" as we gather together as a large group. Do you have any youth who are gifted in art? If so we are seeking design submissions for our synod t-shirt.

Our shirts will be a lighter maroon color than the one pictured and will have a one-color white imprint on the front using a design created by one of your youth. The design should capture something that represents the theme of the Gathering (more information here) and our synod. The creator of the chosen design will get a free t-shirt and their name and congregation will appear on the shirt.

Youth should submit designs by email to by March 15, 2024. Artwork can be digital or hand drawn (note hand drawn artwork will be made into a digital piece and may require some editing). If you have any questions please let me know.

We will then take orders for synod t-shirts from all congregations beginning April 1 with a deadline of April 30. Shirts will be $10.00 and will be "Canvas" shirts (same as the well known Thrivent t-shirts).


Flying with the synod?

If you are flying with us to New Orleans you will be receiving an email from me in the next two weeks which will contain detailed flight information, transportation information for New Orleans, and your final invoice and instructions to submit your traveler information.

Note that your list of travelers will be due April 15, 2024 and final payments due April 30, 2024.

Some final notes for now:

  • All adults attending the Gathering will be required to complete two online training courses. These courses will open on May 1 and have a deadline of June 1. All adults registered will receive an email with login information for "gLearn" in order to take these courses. Groups will not be able to register at the Gathering without these courses completed by all adults.

  • Onsite registration in New Orleans will take place at the Convention Center. This is where you will receive wristbands and your orange Gathering t-shirts for accompaniment day.

  • As a synod we are hoping to gather for lunch before/after our synod day worship. Once we know our assigned day, time, and location we will share more details on logistics and cost.

  • The Gathering recently announced a "clear bag" policy for the Convention Center and Superdome. You can find more information on the Gathering Facebook post here.

  • Please make sure you read all emails that are sent from The Gathering. All Primary Adult Leaders will receive important information over the coming months that you will need to know. All other adults should ensure they are signed up for gNews here.